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  1. Its a Renzetti Presentation 2000, bought it back in November, broke the jaw and just recently got my replacement cam back. I like it so far
  2. Well another Iowan, I actually hear this year we are suppose to have a big run off and some great flooding! and I feel for you guys out East that storm some how got around us. Heading out to the streams tomorrow!
  3. Tying up some flies and messing with wool and I made pattern that my work from what I gathered, buggers now clousers later let me know what you tink a little spey action in it, spinning flashabou.
  4. Nice Fly! saw that when you entered it in to the Fishwest photo contest last month pretty sweet! ! entered a smallmouth pic no luck on winning
  5. FlyFish Dog- Yeah I used lead eyes and basically just looked at your pic while I tied it up lastnight
  6. Just tried it and heres the end result, trimmed it a little bit short but still looks cool
  7. Sweet Tie! Im going to have to try this one out today
  8. As David and Smalliefanatic said, tandem streamers and eggs. It would be perfect for a string fly streamer. Lanning Right away i thought egg hooks
  9. A buddy and I want to hit the spring walleye run and I have never caught one, so I was wondering what flies you've had success with and how to fish for them? Would appreciate any info. Thanks
  10. Olive and Brown buggers :headbang:
  11. I use almost alway Tiemco hooks there sharp and i haven't had one break yet! I only use Mustads when I tie those trad flat-wing streamers, limerick bend, I wish Tiemco made those.
  12. Great fly you got there! How much? :whistle: Na great tie smallie!
  13. Everyones bustin out the Larva or Midge patterns today, make me want to tie them, lookin good Horseshoes!
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