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  1. I got the Pentax Optio W30 a few weeks ago and love it. It would be a great camera even if you couldn't submerge it. I have a bunch of underwater pics AND video (the video quality is GREAT for a point and shoot as well) on my guide blog. Take a look, everything for the past month has been done with the Pentax. http://www.autumnbrookangling.com/journal.html ~James
  2. Oh thats an easy one. Coneheads come from France! :hyst: ~James
  3. Here ya go! http://www.tight-line-enterprises.com/magneticrodgaurd.html ~James
  4. If you whip finish by hand, a bodkin is great for keeping the thread loop tight as you draw the whole whip fisnish together. ~James
  5. Hi Will, Sent my payment to you via mail, today 6/6/06 :devil: ~James
  6. Welcome to the site! ~James (a fellow Jersey fly fisherman)
  7. Thanks for doing the order: I will take two : 1 XL Chestnut 1XL Pine ~James
  8. Lets not go overboard now! ~James
  9. Nicely done!, DB's are my got to fly for Great Lakes salmon. ~James
  10. I prefer to not use any. I like the top and bottom to have the ability to have independent movement past the bend of the hook. The ones I tie are salmon/ steelhead size. If I was going to tie some monster size ones for pike /musky/saltwater, I may consider it. ~James
  11. Just got my flies! :yahoo: All look wonderful! Great job everybody and a special thanks to FC for hosting! :thumbup: ~James
  12. Little Olive Flymph. Its in the Dave Hughes Wet Fly book. I like a size 14. Dun hackle fiber tail, olive dubbed body and dun hackle collar. Great, simple BWO imitation. ~James
  13. Another vote for Mustad and Tiemco. ~James
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