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  1. I guide year round and tune skis at the ski shop to fill in the income during the slow winter months. I was looking through some of the ski books we have at the shop and noticed a book of short stories (paragraph or two in length) about ski/snowboard instructors and some of the hilarious, scary, bizarre, inspiring interactions they've had with clients over the years. Was wondering if there is such a book regarding guides and their clients? Anyway, the book was great. I couldn't stop reading. As funny as fishing can be, I'd love to see something similar from a fishing guide perspective. Anything out there that ya'll know of?
  2. Once upon a flimsy gray rod there were no slimy worms allowed which made the sky pink with marmalade and fish sticks. Then someone farted. It smelled like a bait fisherman’s truck. A little old green '53 Chevy rots in the molten lava beds of Hawaii. the grateful dead played a variation of spanking the monkey while a fisherman with his binoculars spied on cheerleaders
  3. They look pretty good to me. I have the same camera and use the macro when shooting as well. The only thing I like to do is turn off the flash, make sure the fly is lit very well and use a tripod or secure the camera on a solid surface before shooting. Since the flash is off, the exposure time is increased, thus increasing blur if the camera is moving. Using the flash on the camera, I find, gives crappy results when shooting in macro mode.
  4. The whities are definitely spawning around here. If I throw yellow egg patterns in size 16 or so, they eat. 'course everywhere is different.
  5. I second the traveller. I have one, love it.
  6. So I managed to get most of it off by some gentle scraping. There's some residue still but it's mostly cosmetic. I may try the debonding agent as suggested to get er all shiny and new again. Thanks again to all.
  7. Terje - Your ties are very unique and innovative. Something for me to aspire to. Nice work!
  8. Welcome - You've come to a great place. I'm new here as well. You'll quickly lose the "bait fisherman" title after a few posts and adding a few flies to the database. Can't wait to see some patterns!!! Will
  9. Yes they do, if they didn't then my dry flies wouldn't catch me anything but a cold...
  10. I've had the best luck with a vanilla color bugger when fished as a streamer.
  11. I've had the best luck with a vanilla color bugger when fished as a streamer.
  12. Red Humpy or the H & L Variant work best for me in the Colorado High Country Streams. Brookies love 'em. So do the Cutts for that matter.
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