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  1. I think they are both good products, you do get what you pay for.. Bug Bond - and Clear Cure Goo Hydro are very similar. I think the advantage would go to Clear Cure Goo- As its has more products lines. But hey- Look who you are asking. Like I said- both great products and hands down better than epoxy.
  2. Good Stuff!!! Glad you are liking it. The new website will be up soon and it will have much more video content- be easier to ready- etch. I would love to see that on our webiste or the Clear Cure Goo Facebook page. Keep up the great ties!
  3. We are very excited to add Pat Cohen to the Clear Cure Goo Family of tiers. He brings some amazing talent to the table as not only a tier but an artist as well. He is currently working on a new logo for CCG and we will be launching a series of clothing with his art. Pat Says: Clear Cure Goo gives my flies the strength and durability that I need to bounce streamers off of rocks, stumps, weeds and teeth in order to catch my warm water prey. It stays clear and adds extra sheen to the head or belly of a fly. I use CCG on the nose, collar and belly of all my deer hair bass bugs to add strength to them as well. It's virtually no mess, cures in seconds and can be used on almost any material...Love this stuff
  4. Some flies from Ian Wallace of South Africa. Its always interesting to see what people are making from other parts of the world. These are on the way to the Zambezi for Tigerfish,. Materials Hook: Any standard shank salt water hook in sizes 1-2/0 Thread: Danville Mono Thread Body: Silver tinsel or body braid colour of choice. Wing: White super hair, Mirror image, SF blend Over wing: Olive super hair, Mirror image or SF Blend Lateral Line: Fish Scale Eyes: Flat stick on eyes in the size you prefer Body and Head: Clear cure Goo Thick Materials Hook: Any standard shank salt water hook or stinger hook for tigers Thread: Fluro Orange 3/0 Eyes: Black dumbbells to match the hook size in this fly it is a number 1 hook I used 5.5 mm Dumbbells Body: Salt water flash coated with Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Bottom wing: White Buck tail Middle wing: Herring Back SF Blend Flash: Chartreuse crystal flash Top Wing: Royal Blue Buck Tail Head: Clear cure Goo Thin, I am using the thin one so once I have applied the goo, I can rotated the vice and then it will easily cover the whole head and the gaps between the eyes. Materials Hook: Standard shank salt water hook size depending on the bait fish you will be emanating. Thread: Danville 3/0 Olive Tail: SF Blend Peacock topped with SF Midnight blitz Weight: .020 Lead wire Body: Fishient streamer brush, Peacock colour Eyes: Stick on 6mm Head: Clear cure goo Flexible I am using the flexible one so you will not lose any of the movement in the brush, but it will still protect the eyes and head.
  5. Try searching for Peccary- Just another name for Javelina- http://www.chifly.com/item.asp?categoryID=24&prodID=1392&catID=118&catTab=SUB_CATEGORY
  6. I wish I could say yes... But in their amazing wisdom that falls on the day before Mother's Day. ALL FLY TYERS... This is your public service announcement MOTHERS DAY is MAY 8th Dont forget to get a card or whatever. Always up for traveling for shows but family first.
  7. Great.. now I look like an ass.... Your right though... I do need some freaking sleep and to chill..... Beer- Bourbon or Scotch.. Im thinking beer.
  8. Johny- I dont know why you have such angst against UV resins- It is not for everyone, and there are cheaper alternatives as Casey has mentioned- Do you make it a habit of slamming sponsors of a website? Seems like you had a real bone to pick with a sponsors hook company- and now you have an issue with Clear Cure Goo. Here is what I can tell you about this product. It is non toxic, contains no styrene, no toluene, no BPA, Passes California Prop 65 with no problem. Clear Cure Goo is made in the United States, with Chemicals made in the United States. It gives you a consistent product that has no fillers, and no short cuts. It is made specifically for fly fishing, by me. A small shop- If I was a mega shop- maybe I could get better pricing but I can assure you that I am not making a large amount of money on this- What it does allow me to do, is talk to avid anglers, maybe take a few fishing trips and meet some people I normally wouldnt. The materials used in Clear Cure Goo are very expensive and until I can order 55 Gallon drums of these chemicals, the prices wont be going down. In fact, based on the the dollar going down in value, inflation, and loss of smaller chemical manufactures, prices may be going up. I could order my Chemicals from Korea or China- and maybe make a better profit margin, or lower my prices. I choose to support the United States economy and workers. You may want to ask these other companies- where they source their chemicals- and where they make the material. If thats important to you. Clear Cure Goo and the other UV cured resins may not be an end all be all- but to me it is a SIGNIFICANT step up from epoxy. Search the chemical toluene and see what it can do to you, verses these UV resins which dont contain any solvents. On top of that the Clear Cure Goo wont yellow, unlike epoxy. It cures in seconds, which will allow you to "weld" with it, you cant do that with epoxy. I could go on and on about the benefits of UV resins. As for the light- These lights are made in Korea- It would be nice to find one made in the USA but I have not been able to source it. It is important to find the right light- These lights have been ordered from the same place since we have started. I have tried cheaper lights, I have tried more expensive lights- some work, some dont... some dont cure properly, some turn the material yellow over time, some take longer to cure. The best part is that they all say they are all the same light spectrum. So consistency can be very hard to find. So using the our light will always be our recommended light not that there arent other lights out there that may work- but more so because I KNOW ours works and wont yellow. It is a reputation we have worked very hard to get, and would not want to hear that the CCG yellowed, because some one used a different light. Typically people wont divulge that. I feel that the Clear Cure Goo is priced fairly as it possibly can it has been through years of R and D- ( We started with Formula A in 2005 found flaws, moved to Formula B - found flaws, went to formula C found Flaws in it, and launched to the public in 2009 with Formula D, AKA Clear Cure Goo Thick ) I stay up sometimes until 2-3 AM answering emails, labeling, shipping, packaging CCG only to get up at 6AM with my family. Clear Cure Goo is not a mega corporation like Allens; We dont have a staff like Loon. Nope its pretty much a family business, and then we have to run a "real" job too. So while I understand you pricing problems- I just dont get the hostility for all the rest. $50 Dollars for a kit is not chump change by any means- I respect the fact that that $50 was earned by someone working hard and they deserve a good product for that. If you feel like you didnt get your $50 dollars worth for the Light, Thick and Thin ( Kit ) I will be happy to refund your money just send it back Clear Cure Goo PO Box 92661 Southlake Texas 76092 USA Thank you all for your support- and your input I appreciate it, and I also appreciate any feedback- I am always looking to improve and expand the product line. All the best. Brian Sorry- No fly boxes...
  9. Bug Bond is much thinner... Which to me is the least usable viscosities, If I have to make multiple passes 3-4-5 times to get the desired bulk, that just no effective. Im am sure they will be launching a thicker product soon, just as we will be launching a watery material as well. What the public wants the public gets. Like I said though... Bug Bond, Tuffleye, Loon, Clear Cure Goo... They are all fantastic products and you can not go wrong with any that you choose. They are all just a little different.
  10. Normally I wouldnt write such an in depth segment about Clear Cure Goo, but as a sponsor of this forum why not.... ANY OF THE MATERIALS YOU MENTIONED are much safer and better than epoxy. The real deal is this. The Clear Cure Goo was developed specifically around the light that we use. The first thing we had to do is find a light that could be sold at a reasonable price, and that would cure the Clear Cure Goo properly. We take great pride in the fact that the Clear Cure Goo does not yellow or shatter and this can be consistantly reproduced by using the proper light. I have over 16 different lights all supposedly in the same spectrum, most of them do not work properly. There is a big difference in quality control in lights, you must have a reliable source. The Loon light will not cure the Clear Cure Goo properly. It only has 1 LED- or 3 LED lights and that will not set it in a time that is acceptable. The Clear Cure Goo Light should kick off the Loon Products. It WILL NOT cure Tuffleye and the Tuffleye light will not cure the CCG. ALL CLEAR CURE GOO MATERIALS ARE MADE IN THE U.S.A. WITH CHEMICALS MADE IN THE U.S.A. What this means to you is you get a consistent product. A prime example of this is say in order to make Clear Cure Goo you need X Grams of Chemical Y. Now you order some chemicals from China, or Korea, you may now be getting filler and you no longer need X grams, you need X Grams +20. We take great pride in making our materials in the USA, using chemicals made in the USA employing Americans. The big advantage of Clear Cure Goo over some of the other products is that it has some flexibility built into ALL the products. This is important as it keeps the resins from shattering, chipping or cracking when you hit a rock, bouncing along the bottom of a river, or hit your fly on a motor cowling, gel coat, or a jetty. Clear Cure Goo also adheres better to dubbing, by using the Thin or Brushable versions. Something that I hear an awful lot of is I was using X-Brand and the stuff just popped off my nymph, or I caught one fish and the fly was ruined. That does not happen with the Clear Cure Goo, when you use the thin, or brushable. It is a thin enough material that in soaks down into the fibers and bonds well to them. Another advantage is that Clear Cure Goo offers multiple versions to suite your needs. Thick- Perfect when using a larger amount of material in one big shot, such as building a saltwater baitfish. Cures in 5-10 seconds Thin- Smooths out faster than the Thick, penetrates into dubbing and bonds well. well suited as a final coat or in any freshwater application. Cures in 5-10 seconds Brushable- The runniest version of Clear Cure Goo to date (stayed tuned) perfect for freshwater applications or to stiffen up fouling fibers like krystal flash or the hide of a rabbit zonker in lieu of a mono loop. Also great for Crease Flies. Cures in 5-10 seconds Flexible- Tired of using softex, or silicone in your flies and are looking for things to cure faster this is your answer. Cures in 15-20 seconds Tack Free- No need for a top coat of sally hansens or hard as hull. This product cures in 20-30 seconds and should not be touched for 1-2 hours to keep oil from your skin to transfer over. Any residual tack will evaporate off in 8-10 hours. We offer syringes, brush bottles as well as squeeze bottles. The Clear Cure Goo wont yellow. The only time I have head of it yellowing. ( 3 times ) it was either due to improper curing.. meaning using a light other than ours, or it had a reaction with some home died bucktail. Clear Cure Goo contains no solvents, no toluene, no styrene, no BPA, and passes Californias Prop 65. All the light cured materials are a huge step forward in fly tying whatever material you choose you will be happy with I am sure. Feedback about Clear Cure Goo is always welcomed and we really appreciate those who contact use about the flies that they create or ideas for Clear Cure Goo. For Further Info give use a shout at: [email protected] Clear Cure Goo Facebook Page Clear Cure Goo Home Page Thanks for taking the time to read the post, and we look forward to seeing what can be done pushing the tying envelope. Brian
  11. Steve- Its whatever I could pick up on sale to be honest. You cant beat Keuogh for the price, but I know there is a couple metz and a few whittings in there. I was at the Pleasanton show it was AMAZING to see how many ladies where coming JUST to get their hands on some hackle for hair. I watched a lady stack 15 capes and took them all. #1 Grades. I hope the fad ends quick.
  12. Great... Look at me, I was the kid who always was the first to sit down in the classroom spelling bee, and as you can see.... it has not improved. If your local shop does not carry it... please ask them to contact us at: [email protected] We would much rather have it locally available than to have to ship individual orders. Thanks for the help too!!
  13. I wanted to thank Hatches for the opportunity to sponsor the board- The Magazine is just amazing and this board has been the inspiration to many a fly. Anyway, occasionally I will put up some of the recent Clear Cure Goo flies that I have tied or have had submitted from other tiers much more talented than myself. Hope you enjoy the stuff and it helps you in your tying. You can follow the Clear Cure Goo at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Clear-Cure-Goo/335281047156 http://www.clearcuregoo.com http://twitter.com/ClearCureGoo
  14. The Body: Multiple Shades Of Finnish Raccoon The Head: Clear Cure Goo Tack Free Now add some Saddles and some Herl Bam!! Done.
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