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  1. I use a Daylight Hobby Lamp for tying. I also have an Ottlite clamped to a shelf above my tying area to light the other side of my desk. I looked at the McKenzie and Peak light before buying the Hobby Lamp. For the price, you can't beat the Hobby Lamp as long as you have space on your desk for a table mount. If not, they make a floor mounted version too. Save the money you would spend on one McKenzie and get two or three Daylight or Ottlite lamps. I bought mine on Amazon. Best prices I could find.
  2. The Petijean bobbon is very much the best I have used. The easy of loading, and the easy of the tension adjustment is awsome. The bobbin is prefectly balanced for splite thread dubbing. Well worth the money. All of his tools are well built and worth the money. The Magic clip is very cool. Bobbin number for me is the Temico ceramic bobbin, I have 6 of them. 5 standards and one magumn. Rite bobbns are very well built, I don't like the time it takes to load the thread in them. The thread tenison adjustment is good. Very smooth. Carlp I agree Carl. Since purchasing the MP tools, they are the only ones I use. The scissors (curved and loop) are fantastic and his whip finisher is superb. BTW, we need some more fly tying videos from you on YouTube. Your vids are top notch! Keep up the good work.
  3. I agree that the Marc Petitjean tools are expensive but they a high quality. I bought a tool set from him at the Raleigh fly fishing show and I don't regret the purchase. The MP bobbin is fine tool and it's my go to for dubbing loops, but I don't know if I like it better than the Tiemco ceramic bobbins. I have two Stonfo adjustables that a great for heavy tying, several Tiemcos (standard and heavy duty) and a Rite bobbin. They all serve a purpose. You can never have enough gadgets when it comes to fly tying. Try as many as you can and see what you like best. I feel I have enough bobbins for now, but I do like the looks of the C&F bobbin.
  4. That's a stand up move Joe. Good for you. A man admits when he's wrong and takes full responsibility for his actions.
  5. The pheasant tail nymph is my favorite pattern to tie. When I can't think of anything else to tie, that's one I go to. I tie it all kinds of variations and colors. Lately, I've been tying them with purple PT and micro tubing for the body. I don't know if the fish will bite it or not, but it looks cool. I also tie Frank Sawyer's original pattern with copper wire instead of thread. It's a fantastic dropper as long as it doesn't get hung up on the river bottom.
  6. I have found that buying cheaper, inferior products is actually more expensive in the long run. You buy the cheap stuff then you have to replace it with the bobbins you should have bought in the first place. Spend the extra money on a quality bobbin. I have tried several manufacturers but I always go back to ceramic Tiemcos. I think they are the best.
  7. I just received a standard sized Rite ceramic over the weekend. This is a very nice bobbin. I have Tiemco ceramics (standard and heavy duty) and Stonfo adjustables. Which one is best? It's hard to say. They all have their uses. I have broken thread a few times on the Stonfo adjustable and it wasn't due to tension. The hardened steel tip is nice but there are sharp areas on the outside lip that will cut the thread. I do use emery cloth to help with this. I think Stonfo should have used a ceramic tube instead of steel. I still think the Stonfo is great a bobbin, I just use it for heavier thread and use the Tiemcos and the Rite for 8/0 and smaller.
  8. That's what she said!!
  9. I second the Dyna King Barracuda. Very high quality. I know the price tag is high, but it's cheaper than buying a Renzetti Traveler and then upgrading to DK like I did. I am guilty of buying "middle of the road" products and then upgrading after a few months. I wish I would have waited and bought the DK first.
  10. I received my order today and I am currently tying some Jujubee midges on the Allen 2488. I compared them to TMC 2488 size 16 and the hook is approx. a half size bigger. The size 16 Allen would be a size 15 (if that makes sense). The gauge of the wire is also heavier so I would consider the Allen 2488 to be more like a TMC 2488H. The hook eyes seem a little bigger as well which I don't see as a problem. Overall, I am very happy with my first order and will be ordering again in the future. The free fly box is freakin' great too. I have seen that box for $12 in the shops and it's free with a $25 purchase! And kudos to Justin for answering questions and replying to comments on our forum. Now that's great customer service!
  11. I ordered some 2488s and 100s. Justin sent them out today. I'll post my comments when I receive them. I prefer daiichi/orvis hooks but I couldn't pass up on the price and a free flybox and free shipping too.
  12. There are many choices in fly tying. It comes down to personal preference and what you are willing to spend. I still use a bobbin I got 20 years ago in a Cabela's kit. It's fine and with some emery cloth, it works great. I use Tiemco ceramic bobbins now. I also have two Stonfo adjustables but I like the Tiemcos best. The Tiemco's use a full ceramic tube and have brass feet to add some weight to the bobbin. Rite bobbins are also a popular choice of many tyers. Fly tying is an obsession and you can never have enough stuff. Just try every bobbin out there and find the one (or ones) you like best. My search for the best bobbin is over. My search for the best hackle pliers, no that's a different story.
  13. I use Stonfo and Tiemcos. I would say my favorite is the Tiemco Heavy duty (black ceramic). I have some Dr. Slick ceramics but I don't use them anymore. After using the Tiemcos, the Dr. Slicks are too light and feel cheap to me. The Stonfos are nice and use them for 6/0 and 3/0 monocord. I use the Tiemcos for 8/0 and smaller threads.
  14. After ramming me knees into a C clamp, I have switched over to a pedestal. The pedestal allows me to move my vise out of the way if I need a writing space. I use a DK Barracuda with a 6lb pedestal so stability isn't an issue like it was with my Renzetti Traveler.
  15. Get the Barracuda. Keep the Cabela's as a travel vise if you need one. I got a Barracuda a few months ago to compliment/replace my Renzetti Traveler. The Barracuda is a serious piece of machinery and the base weighs 6 pounds. Very solid and a joy to tie on. Renzettis are nice but I now prefer Dyna King.
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