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  1. just a quickie to pass some time. I pulled this one from Ververka's book--it's one that I've always wanted to tie.
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by flounder: Black Creeper
  3. "The flies I've tied so far look like crap." Welcome to the club--ALL of our first flies look like crap, so you're not that special in that regard!! Not only that, but each time you try a new style of fly, that's right--it will look like crap. I used the Orvis book, and tied 1 fly a day. After 2-3 months, the progress was evident (I wish I still had one to post for you, we'd all get a good chuckle, and the old-timers would drift into storys about thir first flies). You've gotten some sound advice, so keep at it, find a local tying club like United Fly Tyers (call the closest fly fishing shop and ask about classes or groups that meet in the area). And of course don't forget to post pictures of your "crappy" flies, and ask for help--there's a lot of talent on the site, and they are always supportive of new tyers. Practice makes perfect! Hang on to those flies, and look at them in a month--you'll be amazed at the improvements. Tight wraps... --Flounder
  4. so i guess you like the Rhea??? lookin' good, bud! any fishing reports w your Rhea flies?
  5. NO- what i'm talking about is more the structure of the feather itself(tho' u do raise a good point). the more barbs you strip off of the base the sharper the angle of the individual feather barbs in relation to that stem. Hold one of your hackles up and notice the angle of the barbs that are at the base of the feather, and those at the tip of the feather--see the change in the angle? The barbs at the base (but not that fuzzy stuff) will make the front of your more poofy. (yes, thats right i said poofy :lol2: ) this, in turn will make it easier to match the shoulder to the wing. as for the rolling feathers..yes, only tie the stems, but flatten them first with pliers, tweezers, etc. which will help to keep them aligned, no zap a gap required.
  6. you first. Well, this time last year, i didn't tie. I started in late March/early April, so anything i tied would be a major improvement. This year, i need to work on consistantcy, paying attention to the small details, and continuing to push my limits, even if they fall flat. I'm happy as long as i'm learning new things (or perhaps, more appropriately, "new to me" things). now seriously..you first
  7. Some observations. The length of the hook seems a little short. I'm assuming a 6X shank. Try something in the 8-10X range, as the strung hackle (which I use too) get substantially wider the closer to the base you get--a longer hook will help, as you can't force the material to become larger. Ditto for the shoulders. the shoulders aren't "too skinny", but the angle of the main wing/shoulder is too drastic. you must select the right size feather. don't strip too many feathers off off the shoulder, or you lose the natural shape...if the silver pheasant takes on an almond shape, you've gone too far. It looks as though you've trapped some of the shoulder barbules under thread wraps, trying to compress the feather no doubt, but this only gives the feather a triangle shape, which throws the fly off--and i suspect, the reason for the post. i personally find it easier to glue only the main wing up, and mount the shoulder and cheek separately (head bulk is not an issue on Rangeleys) it just makes it easier to twiddle with. i add some hackle clumps to the top and bottom of the hook near the throat area, before the main wing and throat are placed, but after the belly is tied in. (check out Klausmyers grey ghost) this takes up space, and adds to the front body bulk. look at Carrie's flys...cant really see the body?? she seems to have tied her wings straight along the body, which is not the "accepted" practice today. I peronally like mine to tied at 10 and 2, like your top fly--though i've seen guys tie the main wing almost top dead center and put a wicked bend in the feather. It doesn't look bad, and it shows off the body better, but i've never been good at it. as for the JC.. as i noted, i tied separately, that is unglued to the main wing, and i like to keep it in line w the shank of the hook. I hope this might help a little, take what you can from it, and contact StreamerTyer, the dude knows his Rangeleys. oh, and BTW...nice flys, the wings aren't THAT bad, and your body work is excellent. keep 'em comin'
  8. chances are, they have already taken an interest in what you're doing. I let my 3 y.o. sit on my lap as i tied, and it wasn't long before she wanted to help. Now I just give her cheap hooks, embroidery thread, and a bag of craft feathers, and let her go to it--she doesn't yet have the patience for "lessons". The only thing I do is tie-off when she's finished. Now for a word of warning.....my tying desk and all the tools and materials were once scacred, hallowed ground, now if I turn my back for 2 minutes, she's got a hook in the vise, and is rummaging through the desk drawers.
  9. great tie, Harley. well defined segments, very cool-looking.
  10. when bad things happen to good flies.... tried a few new things on this one. though i still like the general concept, i'm not pleased with the end result. just wanted to post before she gets the razor.
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by flounder: intruder (click link for more info)
  12. top 3 I own: Orvis Fly Tying Guide-Rosenbauer-IMHO the best beginners manual (an extended version of the Orvis FT Manual) Freshwater Streamers-Klausmeyer BulidingClassic Salmon Flies-Alcot top 3 I wished I owned: Forgotten Flies-Schmookler Woven Bodies-O. Edwards Art of Angling-W. Blacker
  13. Brent, That is one incredibly fine tie--smooth as silk! I'd also like to thank you for not only filling out the materials, but the tying instructions as well--I hope this helps to inspire others to try a fly like this. keep 'em comin'.
  14. very sharp! excellent shape. and a single strip of black in the tail !! :thumbsup:
  15. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=10459&hl= plug the above link into your browser...it goes to a thread i started a while ago, where you can get these videos for nothing..it's legal, and you can delete the software without losing the videos.
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