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  1. 55 hits!!! I said "no peeking" :nono:
  2. Great topic, one that comes up from time to time, but usually not with this kind of documentation. Yes, Pete, there are rules that dictate how large the tail is, how far it sticks out from the hook, and not only how may wraps of tinsel to take, but what the spacing in between the wraps should be (yes, mandates on tinsel size!) but in doing the research, you've answered your own question. One needs to take the fly in as a whole--hence the "range" that the others were speaking of. If you do a survey of one tyer's flies, you'll find that there is also a great degree of variation there too--no 2 flies are alike. I've tied flies with rulers when I first started, and the process and the results were less than enjoyable. As much as we would like to define what a fly should be, or should look like, there is a certain measure of interpretation, and artistic freedom that each tyer brings--for which I'm thankful. It would be very boring if all flies looked alike, no?--might as well take up paint-by-numbers. As you already suggested, just pick a fly or style you like and try to duplicate it--tie it with heart, not a ruler, and you will begin to find your own voice soon enough! Since you will not be satisfied with the above response(s) , if you pm me with your addy or e-mail, I'll send you a copy of the "rulebook"--or at least the rulebook I have, there may be others about
  3. Great job, and only your 6th attempt :yahoo: As for suggestions, I think you're on the right track, but unlike spey/dees these flies have a tapered body (yes, I know, my speys are too thick :hyst: ) And just as a suggestion, when the receipe calls for a 50/50 split body, you might try a 40/60 split instead--this helps to give an illusion of a 50/50 split, otherwise the rear end looks larger than the front because the front end is covered with hackle, wing, etc. For a quick measure, that's the first 2/5ths of the body (or 2 of the 5 turns of tinsel). Bang up job, keep 'em comin'!
  4. Mark, Finally found a supplier!! They should be here in a week or so.
  5. GARY!!!! :yahoo: glad to see you poke your head in...won't you stay for a while?? Sorry I hurt your eyes, tho'. Thanks to all for the comments. This one needs a little work, but I was just so pleased with the coloration of the body. Mark--I found a couple of suppliers for the AJ hooks, and I'll call tomorrow to see if they're in stock...stay tuned.
  6. hands down the classiest (and cleanest) uga I've ever seen! The colors are really workin' on this 'un. A fine tie, through and through.
  7. love it! love it! love it! the tail veiling is SICK! I see what you mean about the ribbing (other post) but since the body coloration is so well blended, it doesn't detract at all from the fly, as I see 1 continuous body, and not individual segments of color--actually the ribbing may even help to enhance this blending effect.
  8. looks like you got a whole dog pound there. Very interesting to see all the variations represented together--just make sure to keep Bruno away from them!
  9. So THAT'S what they're supposed to look like!!! What's the secrect to mounting the wings? beautiful job.
  10. Thanks Mark. I shortened the hook because , in my opinion, they're just too long for speys--perfect for Dees tho'. If you've never seen the AJ 1.5 blind eye, the shank comes to a point that's almost as thin and sharp as the hook point. I have an order of hooks coming, so I'd be happy to send you a few to play with. I have started to dub the bodies real tight and with a shorter staple which does not pick-out as well (I scruff up the body with an old tooth brush). It's just a personal preference. They won't be used for fishing, so the halo effect doesn't matter to me. And your right about the Mallard--I'm scrounging
  11. I had just put on the finishing touches of my first fly of the new year, when my 5 year old daughter approached behind me. She wanted to tie a fly, so I talked her into a Ranglely. After flipping through DK's book, she settled on Gray Wolf's Doctor's Wife. I handed her a hook with a body that was completed 2 years ago, and let her go to town. With the exception of the body (and tying-off), all the work is her own. I'm just pleased as punch! BTW- Wolfie, if you're out there, my daughter has issued a free-standing invite to Chez Flounder for peanut butter and fluff sandwiches A Happy New Year to all!
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by flounder: Wolf's Doctor's Wife (by K-Bug)
  13. Well, I woke up real early this morning, and while everyone was still asleep, banged this one out--my first fly of the new year. Hopefully, I'll realize many more this year. This is another one from "Autumns." The olive wool is composed of green, red, and purple wool--which while it takes some time to do (I could've just grabbed the olive wool) adds a nice look to the fly. At a distance it appears solid olive, but as you get closer, you can see the individual flecks of red and purple. Knox notes that as a general rule, Spey flies were made with more red in them as the season progressed. Hope you enjoy, and a Happy New Year to all of you!
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by flounder: Gold Green Reeach
  15. I used to use a Dremel. Never bothered to sand or file afterwards, just touch-up the last 1/4 inch with a black marker. I no longer even take the time to taper the shank, as the way I build up my bodies does not require the gut to be level (or nearly level) with the shank.
  16. That's awesome!!--50 lb dacron!! Hate to say it, but the mystery feather almost looks like it could be dyed JC!
  17. nicely done--always good to try new things. As for advice, I'd like to see a thicker, cigar-shaped, body. This is just a preference I have. Seems like a lot of suggestions, but you're no newb, and you're really not that far off from producing top self full-dressed flies.
  18. Nice and clean, and great color combo. The fly looks awesome so far. GO DAWGS! and, um, roll tide.
  19. as always, a super clean tie. I'm diggin' the oldies too, and the topping "underwing" really distinguishes this one. Way to close the year!
  20. I think we're on notice, boys. Artisticly and techniquely well done, young lady. Daddy must be beaming!
  21. I've had my sights set on this pattern for some time now. A few months ago we had a discussion about what color "lead" was (as used in the body). Most felt is was gray, but the pic I had showed a lillac body. I figured it must be somewhere in between, a purpleish-grey, and I think you nailed it.
  22. Diggin' the Mo'Wings! As you note, it must be really difficult to set the cheeks--well done. For what it's worth, Alcott states that the butt should not exceed the the point.
  23. I've said it before, I'll say it again: "love your tying style!" straight out of an acient text. just beautiful to behold.
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