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  1. Can't see any bench, I would lime to see the leaders bench! The pics are visible and the link isn't working. Thanks
  2. I was going to suggest the South Holston also,Heck I may even meet you for a day or so! Or check out the Chattahoochie around Helen, GA. Ed
  3. There was a good article in fly tyer mag couple of months back, I have it PDF for some ideas. Pm me your email and I will send it to you. Ed
  4. Greetings from north Ga. I live right outside of Chattanooga. This is a great website with plenty of nice folks on here to help out. I get up your way sometimes to fish. I mostly fish the Hiwassee, if your down this way feel free to holler. Ed
  5. What difference does anyone see between the whiting 100's saddle pack or the whiting dry fly half cape? What is the better deal or quality? I am going to buy some tonight from JS Stockard just looking for the better deal. Thanks, Ed
  6. Welcome, I live in North GA. I get down your way quite often for work, Fernandina a lot. I will be in brunswick next week. You have some good fishing around there, we took a guided trip for reds some months back. I would love to do some exploring around there with a 7 or 8 weight. Maybe we can trade out some fishing, you can come up in the mountains around here for some trout. Welcome to the board, the folks on here are awesome! They offer a lot of help. Ed
  7. Welcome Will, This site is filled with some very nice people and has been helping me a lot. Ed
  8. Here is the fly I mentioned it my post from last night "it helped me it could help you". I tied 6 of these in a short amount of time and it restored some confidence I needed after trying to tie a Isonychia pattern. The Larva Lace is much easier to work with. This is the first fly I tied on my new Peak Rotary. Size 12 Scud Hook 5/32 Black Tungsten Bead Brown 8.0 Thread Wrapped in Silver Mylar Tinsel Then Wrapped in green larva lace Direct Dubbed and then picked Give me any suggestions you guys may have. Ed
  9. 2Bon, Those are awesome flies! I was up your waya couple of weeks ago for work, I might have to seek out your guide service soon. Thanks for the pictures I am going to post some shortly. Ed
  10. After being frustrated about the hackle or "lack of" situation and my not so great attempts at stimulators and isonychia flies my order from JS Stockard arrived today. I got the larva lace out and went to work and starting tying a green rock worm, I think they turned out ok. The pattern is in the book "The bench side introduction to fly tying" great book. Working with larva lace is much easier than some of the other materials. It restored some confidence and even sped up my tying and I was doing whip finishes without thinking. I will post some pics when I ge back in town in a couple of days. Just thought this might help some other newbies. P.S....... They need another member type on here between bait fisherman and advanced, because no way am I advanced but I'm loving it. Ed
  11. I called "Spencer Hackle" today. He said he has gotten out of the business and sold all of his stuff to some lady then he gave me her number. I asked if she was selling for fly tying or for hair he just laughed and said "her husband is a fly fisherman" I called twice and no one answered, I will try and call again later. I need to find some dry fly hackle in a bad way, I am trying to tie but I am completely out of good hackle. Does an one have any suggestions?
  12. Ok guys, I have been away for a little while. I have been moving and getting the wives new house and my little corner of the bonus room set up. I just ordered a new peak rotary from JS Stockard, they had a pretty good deal, a package with a d arm and material clip for $159.95. So wish me luck with the new vise. I am sure it will take some getting used too, since I am still getting used to this addiction of fly tying! Thanks for all the help and insightful post in helping me narrow down to this vice. Ed
  13. Yes, Very Nice Find! Please keep us posted on the after pics!
  14. Welcome..This is a great site and you will find some very nice and knowledgeable people!
  15. You got a deal! When you head over to Western NC, North GA or TN. let me know and I can get you on some trout!
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