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  1. mine came back yesterday and they are a really diverde cool set of flies! Thanks!
  2. got mine back yesterday and what an amazing froup of flies! Thanks everyone!
  3. got mine late last week and i can say that i used as many flies from this group as possible and the all produced thanks!
  4. Mine went in the mail this morning should arrive early next week.
  5. Got mine back today and they are a great bunch of flies! now i feel bad because my tie is not near as good as these!
  6. Got mine back today.. Thanks everyone great set of flies!!!
  7. I am going to tie a panfish polecat. And just to clarify i need to tie 13 flies?
  8. Good idea but i think it is alot of flies. I have done two swaps for charity in the past where i did 12 and got 10 back. Mabey you could try to do two or three smaller ones like that.
  9. Well it is just a small variant from this how to. I used red legs and chinelle, bead chain eyes and a phesant body feather. Glad to hear that you like them
  10. nice fly. looks like a snake more to me thought...
  11. I will tie a dog food fly. it is very very simple but works like a charm when chumming with dog food. Addy please
  12. ill go ahead and try this one. TBD
  13. really spent alot of time at the bench the past two days and got these all tied. addy please
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