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  1. Terje, this one is awesome! BTW, a stupid question (but if you do not ask you never learn), is Ignita a subgroup of BWO or is Ignita=BWO? /Martin
  2. So you can do classic as well, that was a surprise...Not Lovely tied and balanced fly. Quill is one of my favourite material. Martin
  3. A cigar, plain and simple! Complete with smoke. /Martin
  4. Thanks for the nice words. The pattern is more or less the Iris Caddis, just changed a few materials. Like the wing/air bubble thing on the back. Martin
  5. Excellent Terja. Love the colours. Martin
  6. A soft hackle with Ginger Partridge, Claret Gossamer silk and Pine Marten fur in split thread. And a bonus soft hackle midge (after some frustration). Tied on size 22. Capercaillie (Wood Grouse) Neck hackle and Claret silk. The photo a bit dark but I wanted you to see the black and white stripes on the hackle. This hackle is quite stiff but not as stiff as genetic cock. Cheers Martin
  7. Greenwells glory spider variant. Thread and body is Gossamer silk, olive. Rib is peacock hearl dyed picric. /Martin
  8. The other day I received some new awesome material from a hunter I managed to get in contact with. I think I've got the English names right. Wood Grouse (or Heather Hen) breast feathers Hazel Grouse Pine Marten Stoat (also known as short-tailed weasel) Beaver Mink Jay So, you can imagine, its like Christmas at the tying table this weekend. Here are some recent ties, hope you like it. Cheers Martin Feathers from Wood Grouse hen is awesome, as is the Pine Marten dubbing. Hook: Grip 14723BL #14 Thread: Pearsall's Gossamer,Hot orange Hackle: Wood grouse hen, breast Abdomen: Tying silk Rib/thorax: Pine marten underfur - in split thread Heckham Peckham variant with wood grouse hen hackle Spiders, Wood Grouse hen and Pine Marten
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