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  1. Some from December url=https://postimg.cc/YLtYrg0m][/url]
  2. Just riding in the turnip truck nowadays.

  3. And one more! The Grey Midge . No. 41 from North Country Flies by T. E. Pritt. Hook.Partridge Grey Shadow size 12. Silk. Pearsalls gossamer #4 yellow. Head. Peacock Herl. Body. Yellow silk. Wings. Wood cock breast.
  4. I found it! This fly the Whirling Blue Dun is from Fur, Feathers and Steel by Rube Cross. Hook. Allcocks Model Perfect 04991 size 12. Silk. Pearsalls Gossamer gray. Wing. Mallard primaries. Tail. Brown. Body. Gray. Hackle.Brown.
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