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  1. Looking good Javi, have you tried them yet? Do you fish mantis-shrimp similar to a Merkin crab or is it more of a strip-strip-strip?
  2. Thanks for the info again Dave. Have been fly fishing in Alaska for 30+ years and thought I knew a thing or two about it till I started flats fishing a few years ago. I'll send some pics as soon as I tie some and experiment with it, which is a top priority, but right now were doing more things outside now. We have 16 hours of daylight and I still have 2 1/2 feet of snow in my yard!!! Plan on going for reds sometime this Oct/Nov in Texas. I would say "can't wait" but it'll come soon enough. Our summers aren't very long. Thanks again, Ross.
  3. Thanks for the info Dave. Do you use alot of yarn and just make one cut or multiple times on the shank? The name doesn't ring a bell. Hung-out in Ninilchik back in the late 70's and did alot of snowmachining in the hills east of there, live in Anchorage now. Lived in Kodiak, Kenai-Soldotna, and lots of places around the state for a short period when I worked construction. Use to fish for silvers and steelies in the Anchor and Deep Creek and halibut off the beach at Ninilchik. Ross.
  4. Hi Dave, Your pattern looks good! I'm from Glo-Bug country and I'm curious if you tied the yarn on your crab similar to tying a glo-bug, or merkin style, or like a woolhead sculpin. The reason I ask is that I just got into flats fishing the last few years and I'm tying alot of new patterns including a couple of crab patterns but I'm stuck on the body of the Raghead Crab, (no, not from the glue). From what little I know, your pattern looks very close to Raghead body or a Mangrove Critter, (I was told or read the RH and MC bodies are tied the same) and after google-ing and yahoo-ing this subject, like you read about, I'm at the point of asking (read begging) tiers right out. I'll post a question later on the Fly Tying sub-forum of this main forum. Thanks, Ross.
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