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  1. Here are a few I've done up recently.
  2. I went down to Miami this January and tried for peacocks in the canals, but didn't have much luck. Was chilly out though. Back in December I did a trip to Panama for them. Results here: http://www.southeastflyfishingforum.com/forum/panama-t42034.html
  3. I have some scientific angler boxes dedicated to big streamers and poppers. The larger of the two will hold 7" flies neatly. I also just ordered two big streamer boxes from green caddis this morning. Anxious to see how they compare, they cost about 35% less. http://hatchesmagazine.com/shop/fly-boxes/waterproof-fly-boxes/large-double-sided-clear-lid-waterproof-streamer-fly-box-6-5-x-4-5-x-1-75.html http://hatchesmagazine.com/shop/fly-boxes/waterproof-fly-boxes/extra-large-waterproof-streamer-fly-box-7-7-x-4-3-x-1-65.html
  4. That is the single ugliest piece of furniture, of any kind, that I have ever seen. I like it!
  5. Smallmouth are the most exciting to catch with their topwater takes and fighting ability, however walleye are the tastiest.
  6. I have an 8ft 4wt, St. Croix premier (2004 model I believe) that doubles as my trout/panfish rod. I've had some decent sized shellcrackers really take me for a ride on that thing, but it's also brought to hand some fair sized smallmouth over the years and handled them well. I'll fish that rod the rest of my life if it doesnt break on me. Also I have a 7'6 3wt TFO signature as a backup, which I do not like nearly as much, but Im going to start using it more this year while bringing multiple rods on the float tube instead of just one.
  7. There is some backcountry flyfishing to be had there. Maybe your new wife is into camping? http://www.flyfishingconnection.com/articl...+Kauai,+Hawaii/
  8. Got one pelted out... should I keep the wings? Lots of meat in there. Sorry, no hens in there. I think I now have what amounts to a lifetime supply of pheasant tails though. Skidook, thanks for the info. How do I prep a wing for drying exactly? I removed all the wings from the pelts and just set them aside... not sure how to save them as there is bone/meat in the wing.
  9. Got one pelted out... should I keep the wings? Lots of meat in there.
  10. I've been tying a little over years (mostly bass stuff) but have gotten into trout stuff a little more lately. A friend of mine was recently heading out west to do some hunting, so I told him to bring me back any pheasant he got as I could use them for fly tying. Well to make a long story short, I have 10 debreasted frozen pheasant now sitting in my basement. I know the tails (obviously) are useful and I can just pluck those out... should I just skin out the rest of the bird and cover the skin in Borax? That's what I've read. Anyone got a breakdown of this process? A link would be fine. Also, what parts of these birds are particularly useful in fly tying other than the tails. The feathers are all very beautiful so I imagine there are lots of uses. I live in the southeast if that's important. Thanks for any help!
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