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  1. Sorry they are late. I sent them last week, should arrive tuesday or wednesday by what the post office told me.
  2. Will a long articulated fly suffice?
  3. I'm in for sure! International swapper here but I will include return postage cost..
  4. Got my flies out here in Hong Kong ther other day. I guess that closes the books on deliveries to a few different continents! Thanks to the organizers & all the tyers, I really like the flies! Dan
  5. Anyone know what's going on with the FTOTY this year or am I jumping the gun? I know the usual due date is December/January.... Dan
  6. Mine just arrived today. Not so sure about the others..
  7. I finally received my flies over here in Hong Kong today. Thanks to everyone who helped make this swap a success and a special thanks to Annie. Your flies are awesome and you deserved the win! Jimboha! thanks for sending in my streamers as well! Dan
  8. When you get dropouts and/or lose contact with numerous participants of your swap. I believe this can result in the willing and active swap participants to lose faith in you as a swapmeister!
  9. I'm tying up some Tarpon style flies in #1 & stainless hooks....I've already attached all the weedguards!!
  10. I thought weed guards were necessary as well.....oh well. Any idea as to a due date right now?
  11. Just out of curiosity, are we shipping down under?
  12. I'll be tying something....'cool'
  13. Please count me in! Thanks. Dan
  14. Lazybugger - Do you have a tracking no. for your package by any chance or did you send it by general mail?
  15. Sorry for my absence guys, I've been out of town since the due date for this swap. I spoke with MTFlyjunkie and he said he was moving and his flies would be in the mail, but that was over 10 days ago now & if they haven't arrived yet I'm assuming they weren't sent. The other swapper I tried to reach but was unsuccessful. I'm happy with the flies being mailed out as is, if everyone is okay with that. There's still a half decent prize for the best stonefly... No hard feelings right...it's summertime afterall.
  16. That's a good point. I actually have heaps of fly photography, however I didn't intend on uploading them there. I will do from now on though! Thanks!
  17. Alright I'll have a look. Thanks for the info man!
  18. Hi Al....I just read your response now, sorry. I haven't tried this technique yet but I wouldn't mind having a go. Is it similar to creating an HDR image? You can view my pics here > www.500px.com/djgunter/sets I'll send you an email now. Dan
  19. I initially purchased a DSLR camera to take better fly photography but have since found it fun to photograph anything.....brids, buildings, people etc... here they are... http://500px.com/djgunter/sets enjoy!
  20. The due date is coming up. I'm wondering how everyone is doing? If anyone requires the mailing address please let me know. Thanks Dan
  21. I will likely be in Paris & Milan for the first half of August. Does anyone know of any good fly shops in either city? Dan
  22. Here is a "New Fly Fisher" episode on the Nipigon River from youtube. There are two parts to this video. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=hWYNEZN6msg http://www.youtube.c...h?v=rSeqMOkFUI8 Hope this might help!
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