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  1. Awesome stuff, no doubt you'll get some hookups on those! Where do you source your 'bou? Those feathers look particularly nice, they don't have as much fluff.
  2. I like these very very very very very very very very much.
  3. Nice tie! Looks like a simpler version of the GP. :headbang:
  4. Nice fly! I never saw square vice jaws before.
  5. Nice tie! I have been looking for more caddis flies ever since moving to Europe. I will definitely filling up my box with these! Thanks mate.
  6. BOOM! Salmon fry imitation. Nice :headbang:
  7. You, sir, have tied a fly I like very much.
  8. Well, my mum doesn't mind so much, except when I leave my table covered in hair, feathers, and furs, but hey, thats the fun part. I did have a girlfriend who got rather mad when she came across my golden pheasant crest. Damn PETA. I'm still starting out fly tying seriously. What aplications is Zap-A-Gap used for? Tight lines, -Joe
  9. :headbang: Nice flies! They probably look great in the water! Keep it up man. -Joe
  10. Great hopper! What did you use to create the detached body? The new Renzetti tool? All around great fly. -Joe
  11. :headbang: Nice! That will be good for Summer trout in BC lakes. Any pattern with bunny strip is a guaranteed fish catcher. Tight lines! -Joe
  12. Nice Fly! I am just starting out ting steal flies (just for kicks, as I am living in Switzerland temporarily. I am originaly from BC though!) Why is there the forward clump of hair at the head? Thanks, -Joe
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