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  1. hey piker20 thanx , hadn't seen that one before , so many flies out there its hard to think you had made something diferent lol..mine has been dubbed the astro nymph as someone said it looked like astro boy lol hope its enough different to claim it , i think it is anyway
  2. new fly from the vice , really like this one ..doesn't have a name yet,,,,still working on that
  3. hope to get out on the weekend and drift this under some overhanging tree,s and see what happens
  4. and some fuzzel buggers for a mates fishing trip
  5. first crack at a shrimp pattern...the fuzzy shrimp
  6. fuzzel bugger strikes again , love using this fly
  7. so i decided to empty out my flybox of everything i have bought and give them to my young bloke to fish with and now just fish with what i can tie... first trip out caught a nice little brown on a bms that i tied , pretty happy with the result
  8. thanx mike , i hope to try it out tomorrow and see what happens lol thanx silver creek , will give it a go one day. crabby
  9. ive got no idea how you guys can tie flies and have them look as awesome as they are , just realy started and keeping the thread looking so neat is an art form in itself lol but looking forward to mastering this in the future....think i need glasses now lol gave a small foam damsel a go but some work to do thanx crabby
  10. good , its not just me then lol..other than that it works
  11. i bought one of these for about 100 au doesnt matter about the mess as you just roll it shut lol http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Solid-Timber-Roll-Top-Desk-plus-bonus-Printer-Cabinet-/261154635615?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item3cce077f5f
  12. hi wilcara kinda like a stalker some great info on this site,and some awesome fly tyers.hope to join a swap in the near future. crabby
  13. hi guys my name is paul crabtree from geelong victoria australia-32 yrs young and have been fly fishing for nearly 2 yrs.i am totaly hooked on flyfishing for trout and have just recently started fly tying.as a few other auusies on here i got my start on flylife(thanks smuggler )and now here.looking forward to learning some new tricks and tips and chatting with new friends. regards crabby
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