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  1. Have a good one SJ! Cheers!
  2. Back from El Salto. See report here: http://www.talkflyfishing.com/index.php?showtopic=10257
  3. Flyrod

    3000th member

    Since the site has grown to every corner of the globe, the Escalade and the trip to Ak should go to another country.... my vote goes to Mexico. Thanks fellas.... could I swap the Escalade for a Hummer?
  4. Is the body that sort of velvet material? If so, will it darken when wet? From the looks of it, I think that fly will definetely catch fish.
  5. The pattern is a hare's ear. I'm thinking maybe he was one of those guys who like to "invade" someone else's space on the water. Probably a bait fisherman....
  6. I'm 33, business degree with a diploma in international commerce and tax laws, I manage the HR dept in a security company with over 2000 employees. Wife works at home (unpaid?) trying to raise my 3 spoiled girls so they can be good people like their daddy when they grow up. She's a fashion designer. I'm about to leave this friggin office and start my own business in the Mayan Riviera... god willing. Almost forgot, we live in Mexico City.... not like the mex people you get to see in every US city suburb.... I actually went to school, huh.
  7. The guy that told you mixing lighter gas with vaseline would dry your flies was absolutely right, but I bet he didn't want you to catch fish. Gasoline and fish don't mix. Use the other stuff recommended here.
  8. Yep, that's what I was thinking Sean Juan. I'll try to make that shooting head. Probably I could install the whole line, but what about the extra spool I'd need? And yes, for what I've been told, very likely the fish will be hanging under 10-15 ft. Hell, I'll tie everything you guys suggested. Even if it doesn't work, it's worth the shot. Catching one of those bass is worth the whole trip, I guess.
  9. Wow, guys. Don't have enough words to thank you all for this input. You bet I will post a full report with pics once I get back! Btw, I'm taking the vise and stuff there, I guess there will be no harm in experimenting while being there, plus, if I run out of the flies you all have kindly suggested, I'll need it there to tie.
  10. I'm heading to El Salto, Mexico, in two weeks (hope I don't put a spell on this). Bass there are really big, with many 2 digit lunkers. I'm taking the 9 wt to cast big poppers and streamers. I've caught largemouth bass on the fly, but nothing close to the sizes you'd expect in El Salto, so my question is, if any of you guys have caught big bass, which fly patterns would you recommend, as well as presentation tips? I don't have a sinking line, will a sinking tip do the job? Regarding leaders, which size and strenght should I use? For what I've heard, those bass are vicious and smart: they will go deep and tangle lines in weeds and underwater trees, and are usually caught on 8+ inch plastic worms, and have seldom seen a fly. My cousin Mike was there last week, this is one of many he caught: Thanks!
  11. Yeah, Will, that's something I noticed: a couple of plastic parts, but I can live with that. It would be cool if they improved that, though. Blueman, the vise retails about $70. Not bad, huh?
  12. QUOTE (JarrodRuggles @ Jun 15 2005, 04:02 PM) Stupid IRS They gotta make everything way too difficult!! Of course, there's Monte Carlo and Caiman Islands The way I see it, the government in every country will screw you up, regardless of what you do or how you make your living. Unfortunately, govt expenses are huge and they need to get their money somewhere: your pocket . As far as making things difficult, yeah, that's what they just do. Still, if you think IRS is tough, you should see what govts do in my side of the planet, which incidentally is not that far away from yours.
  13. Got it a couple of weeks ago.... and yes, it was a great purchase. I've been tying small nymphs and dries with it, and I tell ya, the vise was worth every penny. 100% true rotary, compact, came with a c clamp (which I don't use cause I tie on a metal base), and holds big and small hooks very steady. Plus, it has lifetime guarantee. When I started tying flies a couple of years ago, I bought a tying kit on BPS. Of course, the vise it came with didn't last long: the jaws broke, so I "upgraded" to a hindu crap vise. It actually did the work, not with the quality I expected, but managed to tie flies after all. So, this year I decided to start taking this more seriously, and bought this Griffin. It says it's an entry level vise, but I would bet it's more than that. Probably it's a psychological issue, but I do see my flies coming out better looking on this vise. I don't mean to encourage consumism, because I'm not like that, but I got convinced by Steve. You know, IMHO, vises are like rods. You'll feel the difference when casting, and in this case, tying. It's a product I truly recommend by all means: if you're in the market for tying or fishing products, I say go for the best your money can buy. You won't regret it. Thank you Jerry D (Steelheader69) for this great deal.
  14. QUOTE (steeldrifter @ Jun 3 2005, 11:41 AM) Size 14 parachute Adams Mr, Steeldrifter. I always thought Adams imitate mayflies, so they wouldn't fit into the attractor category, am I wrong? Mine would be the Madame X.
  15. What if we all sign a request? Send a bunch of e-mails?
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