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  1. 1 for bass flies - 1 for saltwater flies - 1 for trout patterns. And I have a multipurpose box where I keep some patterns that I try for some trout and bass. At home I keep one or two boxes for flies that are in the recycling process or some flies that I need to test.
  2. Some Foam Bass Gurgglers and Balsa Wood Bass Poppers.
  3. Started on March - April 2009 and really happy with all this fly tying and fly fishing thing. Gave me the opportunity to meet new friends and visit new places. Also keeps me occupied when bored. Helps to practice my English all the time seeing videos, movies, reading articles and books.
  4. Hi There, I've been "lurking" around for a couple of years, also visiting other forums, seeing the flies database and also, working all days, fishing and tying. I fish for trout, largemouth bass and tarpon in Mexico where I live. When I travel to visit my family that lives in Argentina, I also like go for golden dorado. Really nice to be here and start posting. Hope to learn a lot. Patricio Carey. "Cast to the rise"
  5. Hi There, Let me introduce myself. My name is Patricio "Pagraig" Carey. I'm 32 yo and I'm from Argentina. Actually, now living and working in Mexico since a couple of years and curiousyl, was here where I learned to fly fishing and fly tying (pretty funny thing, since I lived 6 months in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego and another 6 mothns in El Calafate, Santa Cruz... all located at the very south of my country of origin). I've been tying and fly fishng for a year and a half more or less. Actually I'm not a pro, as you can see on the flies below, but I'm having great experiences and learning at this point and sometimes becomes a little bit hard, and it may sound contradictory, but the more to be learned, the hardest... but anyway, the more exciting this activity becomes... I think this is why I preffer to flyfishing and flytying over other type of fish... there's ALWAYS something to learn or improve. I love the permanent challenge about new flies, materials and ways to tie. Some friends from here and I, we're part of a small tying and fishing club... actually is not a club, since we don't have even a name, description... we just get to ty togheter on Thursdays and latelly we've been talking about that the patterns normally tied don't get to far from a pheasant tail, nymph, some prince look-a-like nymphs, caddis, addams, long legs, poppers, bait fish made of deer hair and a few patterns with epoxi cement. We're no tired to ty the same... but we're looking for more patterns, more variations Latelly I've been reading some Tenkara Fishing and it sounds really good. At least I started to ty the soft hackle of some nymph and larva patterns pointing forward, to the eye of the hook, instead to the bend. And talking about flies, I want to show you some patterns that I tied a few days ago. Leaving the Tenkara style, I've tied the bodies of the flies below by braiding two srtands of whool about 3 inches (7 cm) long on hooks, TMC 200R #10, for example. I think that the pattern looks very simple and smoothly. The knnot is called snake belly (or "panza de vĂ­bora", here in Mexico) and is very simple, and as you can see, the variations and combinations of colors is almost endless. Not only whool, 4 strand floss, coated copper wire, even slinky flash, EP fibers or almost anything you can twist and keep tight to make the knots. I'm not trying to impress nobody here... as I mention, I'm only a begginer, showing some flies, trying to have you most sincere opinion, and of course, if you know more braided patterns or variations or new knots to give to my flies a different aspect. Thanks a lot for reading this post. Hope you can give me an opinion of the flies above and / or can give me more ideas about braided body flies. Sorry for my "engrish" Patricio "Padraig" Carey.
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