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  1. Hey great looking fly. I'm new at this but I have never seen foam in a tube, all the foam I use floats really well. I need some more help with this fly. where do you get the foam (I need some now! I headed for Alaska next week and would like to tie some of these. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Thanks, I'm going to try that. Its better then throwing them away!
  3. My stocking foot breathable waders are leaking? I've sealed all the seams with aqua seal and now they ooze under the heal. Is there any way to fix this? The rest of the waders are in great shape, its a waste to junk them because of the neoprene breaking down in 3 years. They are "Gillies Gear" a company that went out of business last year, so I can't send them back. Help!
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