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  1. Flies hit the post office at lunch today. robert
  2. Flies are done, need an address and I'll get them out asap. robert
  3. I'm in. Are you limiting the pool to a certain size? Need to figure out which pattern, and the size of the party may influence that decision. robert
  4. If they don't make it there soon let me know and I'll send you my set. I don't get out fishing that often and have more flies than I'll ever use. I won't miss them. I swap mainly because it gives me an excuse to sit down at the vise. robert
  5. I'm ready for an address, couple more to go, but they'll be in the mail yet this week. Thanks for hosting. robert
  6. I need a reason to get back to the vise. I'll tie the SMP. Thanks for hosting. robert
  7. Finished my flies last night while watching the Badger game. Original intention was to tie a spey style green butt skunk, but couldn't find my green floss for the life of me. Ended up with an orange butt peacock spey. Send me an address and I'll get them in them mail. Thanks for hosting. robert
  8. I'll take the last spot if it is still available. I go through more salmon and steelhead flies than anything else, be good to get some more. Will sit down in the next day or so and figure out what I'm tieing. robert
  9. For cutting things like zonker strips from a hide, I use the thin double sided razor blades. I take a number of them, taping them individually to a playing card, protruding at an angle slightly from one egde. Repeat with any nunber of cards/blades, Then I splace out the blades with additional cards and tape the entire deck back together. Works to cut nuce uniform strips in the hides, have not tried it for plastic as you mentioned, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. robert
  10. I have not been on the site in quite some time, actually forgot this set of swap flies was still out there. Late last week I noticed a small package on the counter and ignored it, wasn't expecting anything. Earlier this week I finally opened it and was quite surprised, the quality of flies and the presentation are equally astounding. Well worth the wait, even if I wasn't actually waiting... Thanks for hosting.
  11. They are weighted. Glad they arrived safe.
  12. I'm just sitting down to tie my flies now, one way or another I'll get them in the mail monday. Will need an address. Thanks for hosting, sorry for pushing the timeframe. There us a reason I try not to swap anymore into the spring/summer... robert
  13. Flies were dropped at the PO this morning. Included some turkey wing and tail feathers for your nephew. Thanks for hosting, and encouraging the next generation. robert
  14. Tied up half of my flies last night, intend to finish them tonight, message me an address and I'll get them out by the end of the week at latest. Thanks. robert
  15. I'm ok at 12 or 13. No difference to me. robert
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