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  1. This whole post sounds like me back in 2004, when I was trying to find the same solution. Yep, I still have bags. You can also get them from flyreeldots.com and linesend.com. I only sell bags and leaders, but they both have lots of other fine products too.
  2. I think those are healthy winter coat coyotes. Great pictures.
  3. As usual, these are really really good! I think John is becoming one of my favorite outdoor photographers.
  4. Hi Al, I think that's what Rob was stating -- the step-up will accept a 55mm on a 52mm.
  5. Could the problem be that the camera is moving on the tripod? Try taking the picture with the timer, and keep your hands off of the camera.
  6. For what it's worth, the affordable 70-300 will not work very well for a macro setup. The max aperture at 300 is what? 5.6? That's not going to give you a great narrow dof. Also, whatever you get, don't forget a good tripod.
  7. My 30D is officially old. Two models behind and not even two years old. I'm saving for lenses (nice white ones with the red stripe), but I may need to upgrade bodies before the end of the year. ... Ooh. Unfortunately, I read some early reviews for this camera. May have the fastest AF in the market at this time. 12K ISO -- nice. Christmas present perhaps? I wonder how good that new EFS 18-200 IS lens is. Great walk-around range, but I really don't want another EFS lens. Can't believe they released this already. It's only been 12 months since the last upgrade.
  8. How many white lenses do you see near the field at NFL games? How many white lenses did you see at the olympics? Most of them. 40D is a great camera, and can use some great lenses. BTW -- Apparently there is a 50D on it's way. 40D's should be dropping in price very soon. Looks like the big diff is 15 mp vs 10 mp (not a big deal) and the LCD is suppose to be better. Sounds like a great time to get a 40D.
  9. What lenses do you currently have? For build alone, I would look for a 30D. The 30D is a fantastic 8.2 mp camera, and has double the shutter life (also has spot metering, better ISO, better IQ in general...). I think $500.00 is a bit much for a Rebel XT. Rebel series has come out with 3 models since the XT.
  10. I have a Manfrotto 3-way mount, but only because I also shoot video. For my DSLR, I wish I had a good ball mount. I would look for a larger ball mount, and don't skimp. Kirk, Manfrotto, Really Right Stuff, and Arca Swiss, all make nice ball mounts. As you have experienced, with the Manfrotto, get a larger design.
  11. How much will you be spending? I'm assuming you're using a cropped camera to start with (you're not purchasing a 5D or 1DsMKIII full frame). L class lenses are the best, but it's hard to justify starting there for the price. Image Stabilization lenses are great, especially for low light situations. If you can find the 40D or (Rebel XTI or XSI) packaged with the EFs 17-85 IS, that's a very good start. More reach, add the EF 70-300 IS. The nifty 50 1.8 is a great cheap lens for portraiture. The EF 85 1.8 is a great lenses for indoor sports and portraiture (check out some of Wulff's pics -- some of his are with the 85 1.8, and his shallow DOF shots are amazing.) So many lenses, so little time. Note -- the Canon EFs lenses are for cropped camera's only. They will not work on the full frame camera's.
  12. For what it's worth, Sony makes the Nikon sensor. I agree with Jay -- stick with one of the big players. I love Canon, and Nikon makes a great product. The 18-55 kit lens from Canon is not considered a great lens, but it will get you going. I thnk the Nikon kit lens may be a bit better build quality, but realistically, with either camera line, you will want to purchase additional/better lenses.
  13. Nice pics. Pretty weird seeing miner's castle without it's second tower. My X is from Munising. Nice place to visit. Blatz beer rules the night and Packers football rules the day.
  14. You made a great choice. Welcome to the wheel!
  15. The 24-70 2.8 L is a wonderful lens that I hope to have some day. I did finally get the 85 1.8. What I don't have is John's talent. Where can I purchase that?
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