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  1. I have a regal c-clamp model and just purchased a peak pedestal mount vice this winter. I like them both. The peak wound up being $225 ($150 base price) after all of the add one I bought for it. The waste catcher is great and I really like the separate accessory posts. The rotary function is smooth as butter and the base is so heavy you will bend even the largest books before this baby moves an inch. Made in USA was non negotiable for me. Most of the guides at the fly shop use this vice which helped me decide. The Renzetti, Griffin M ongoose and Anvil where the other serious contenders in my research and where very close in all respects except I don't think renzzeti is made in USA but I am not sure. I think you would enjoy any of those for many years to come!
  2. Very nice fly. I tye a nearly identical fly without the nymph hook. My hands down favorite dry fly!
  3. I really like that one. Would be proud to have one of those in my fly box!
  4. I really like that fly! It looks like it would float like a cork. How do you get the segments in the abdomen? I love fishing the hex hatch and have done well with a deer hair hex. I will definately tie some for this June/July!
  5. Very nice looking streamer! Might tie one a little bigger for brown trout fishing in lake Michigan this spring!
  6. My site is grandtraverseangler.webs.com I haven't done much with it in a while because I just don't have many members. Maybe you guys can help me figure out why. You have to register on the site and I am guessing no one wants to go through registration. I think I have some good info on there but just don't want to put more work into it when I don't get any new members. Suggestions?
  7. I have a Redington Rise on my 3 weight rod and a G Loomis Venture on my 5 weight. Both are smooth and have a nice silky drag system. Both reels have tangled with some nice 20" browns on the Big Manistee river and I never felt the reels were too light (though my tippets may have been). I think if I had the money I would spend a little more and get a reel that will last a long time. I don't think you have to spend upwards of a hundred bucks to get one though.
  8. I have had a Regal C-clamp vise for over 20 years it still works like the day I bought it. I have looked at other vices, but can't see fixing something that isn't broken. I am looking at getting a base mount for it and the midge jaws. I like the way the vice clamps and holds the hook like a...um...vice lol. The little regal medalion came off of the head of the vice and regal replaced it free of charge. After 20 years the vice still looks and works like new. I even super glued the jaws shut once making rubber egg flies and once I got the jaws apart it just took a little cleaning to get it looking like new. Now you would never know I glued the jaws shut!
  9. I was stationed at Ft. Drum, NY in the Army and fished the Salmon River like a madman when I wasn't training. You will need some wading sandles (spiked) and I used to have good luck on single egg patterns, egg sucking leaches and springs wiggler patterns. You might want to try rag clown egg patterns as well. The Salmon is one of the best rivers in the world and you should have a blast. Don't forget to check the regs before you go! The DEQ have NO sense of humor!!!
  10. I have a fenwick steelhead/salmon rod (bait rod) and it is one of my favorite rods. I have not seen any fenwick fly rods around here or I would check them out. I try not to buy a rod unless it has a lifetime warranty. I would rather spend a few more bucks and get a better product.
  11. I am working on a variation of spring's wiggler and am having a hard time getting the squirrel tail shell back to stay tightly tied down. Should I use less less tail fibers to help it stay put or use more wraps to keep the squirrel secured? I can't post pics of the fly I'm working on right now, but it is simply a variation of springs wiggler. Thanks.
  12. I am working on a variation of springs wiggler. I think I have it mostly done, but I need to figure out how to get the shell back to cinch down a littler tighter.
  13. The Northern Angler is where I have been getting my materials. It is a nice neat store and has all the stuff I need. The shop has relocated and is now on front street, just west of Division. He has alot more room in the new shop including a room for fly tying classes. I might go try the boardman at Sabin Dam tomorrow since the temp is supposed to be in the 30s. Lots of new flys to try out!
  14. Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and am just getting back into tying flys after 15 years. This site seems to be all you would need as far as information about fly tying, bugs and trout/salmon go. Anyone else from norther Michigan? I am in the Traverse City area. I like to fish the boardman and manistee rivers. If anyone is ever looking for a fishing partner, shoot me a pm and maybe we can hit the river. Where can I find info on the different kinds of hackles, and other materials? I thought I knew enough about fly tying but after seeing the flys some of the guys on this site make, I'm a little embarassed. Oh well, mine still catch lots of fish. Also, where can I find info on the different kinds of bugs of northern michigan? Thanks in advance!
  15. Snowblind, that looks just like some flys that I use up here in Michigan! That should catch some fish! I like to use shiney materials for the body of my wet flys and some have tails some don't. They are hands down my best flys though. I just tied one today that I used peacock hearl for the body, a few strands of pheasant wing for the tail, some copper wire for the ribbing, and some hackle from one of my mother in laws roosters she gave me. I'm just getting back into tying flys after being out of it for 20 years or so. I had forgotten how much fun it is to catch a fish on a fly that I tied!
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