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  1. are you cutting the foam disc before you glue them and shape them? because i was shaping them first and then trying to cut them flat.
  2. Oatka, I tried to move the nail below center before shaping but when I tried that it cause the foam to spin funny and it always worked loose. It did not matter how much glue I use to secure the foam to the nail. O' well I will try again tonight. thanks mike
  3. these are awesome to make, but what do you guys use to cut the flat bottom. I tried to use a hacksaw and a razor but neither one those was the anwser. all though the razor worked better. Oh, i almost forogt I tried the embory board but that was just a pain because i wanted to shave about half of it. any tips? Thanks Mike
  4. Chrisfish, looks good. If you are heading to indiana this weekend the water is up at bit but i have seen fish moving though in michigan city. I have not had enough time to fish but sometimes at lunch I go and look around for a few minutes. I am not sure about any other spots in Indiana because I have not been out or heard anything from any one lately. good luck this weekend Mike
  5. that is a very cool tie. I am not sure of the specson this hook the Mustad 3261. what is it's counter part on the temco. thanks mike
  6. that fly is awesome i am going to tie some of those my self. I don't have any yellow but i do have chartuse would that be a good sub. If not i quess will just have to take a ride to the fly shop (oh the horror in that)j/k. good day Mike
  7. what kind of eyes did you use. I wanted to put eyes on mine because i think it really makes look nice. but i didn't know what kind of eyes or how and where to glue them on.
  8. Flyguy13


    what size hook do you tie your those on.
  9. mine is tied on a size 6 3xl hook. I tied it on a 6 so that i can cast it with a 5wt. madkasel, I really like that idea about the blue floss i think i will add that to the next couple i tie.
  10. just posting something that i thought of after seeing the bluegill zonker. let me know what you think.
  11. I am disgruntil computer tech
  12. that pattern looks great but it made me think do think you can make it a double bunny using orange and olive. just a thought let if you think it would work.
  13. don't you hate it when you are in the middle tying and you hit head cement and knock it over and spill it all over everthing. I swear it happens to me once a week and you would think i would have learned to just put on the dam lid on but no still didn't learn. Most likely i will never learn. later just venting mike
  14. what wt rod do you use when fishing those flies. Those flies are way bigger than I am used to tying most of the flies are size 6 and smaller. This year I tied so size 4 wooly buggers and they look huge to me. I am hoping to throw them on a 5wt because i really like that rod for smallmouth and i really dont wanna use the 7wt for smallmouth it just seems to heavy to me because most of the smallmouth I have caught don't have any size to them. mike oh by the way smaalie is that a bugger barn fly box and if so do you like it. have seen those but was unsure of getting one.
  15. smallie, what size do you tie your double bunnies on. Also in general what size hook do you normally use for smallmouth. well any way you have a great box flies there good luck with them mike
  16. you got it you are on the prayer list
  17. thanks for the patterns guys. i should be busy for a while anyway. Hey deeky what size do you tie those dagon flies on. they look simple to tie and very effective.
  18. I have a 4 year old son who want to start tying flies. So the other night I got out my back up vice and put in a larger hook for him, started the thread on the hook, gave him a long piece of chenille. then basicly let him have at it. I it kept him busy so i could get some tying in as well but later I got to think should have just had sit on my lap and do it with him. On the other hand he real like his own creation he carries it with him at all times in his own box and has to it off to every one. Anyway 4, way to early to start teaching right? I mean he can,t even tie his shoes yet any advice would be great he is my oldest son and would hate to blow this one. I mean he could be my "I am fishing card" for many years. this way I can just tell my wife it is my son who wants to go not me and she can tell her son No right? Mike :dunno:
  19. that bodkin is awesome. I think I will try to make a couple of those. Thanks for posting that mike
  20. about 30 mins south west of chicago
  21. I just wanted to see if there is any interest out there. I was thinking about going maybe going on the 5th.
  22. I am completely addicted to tying with foam. I am been tying basic gurler patterns and some chernoble ants. if any one has good pattern please share I need a fix. thank you mike
  23. nice tie. I tied some size 8 sparrows this winter and am dying to use them. I hope I have the same luck you guys have had on them
  24. how do i spin rabbit fur? I want to make a sparse collar of red rabbit fur on a zonker pattern kind of like hackle. any input would great. Thanks mike
  25. got out to the kankakee river in IL for the first time. I was also targeting smallbass for the first with a fly rod and what a blast. caught 4 all on a gurler and my father caughtt 3 drifting nymphs. All fish were on the small side but they can really put a bent into a 5wt. I do have a question on fishing crayfish and clousers. do make short cast and like jig them on a swing or make long cast and strip back?
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