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  1. Just got back from my local outfitter and checked out the new Battenkill. Wow!!! I remember when I got one about 10 or 12 years ago and the reel was a cast iron Anchor. After a few seasons of use, the frame warped on me. Well, KI can honestly say that the new ones are a hell of a lot nicer then the old one. Matter of fact, I am probably going to go with one on my new 4 wgt. Sage TLX. Damned fine job on the Battenkills Orvis. Also, they are still keeping the price down. Less then 120 for my 4 wgt.
  2. Couldn't find a 1500. All I could find from Pfleuger were the Medalist, Supreme, and the Trion. Do you have a link for the 1500?
  3. "Where in NH?" You got it Mistaa. Live in Weare NH. You in or around the state?
  4. Righteeeeeeee. So, just signed up here. I found the site by doing a search on dogpile.com for an Eastern Black Stonefly Imitation. TIred of going to the River in the Month of March with nothing that looks like the Nymphs that are daning around the rocks. Hence, the search for a pattern. Been Fly Fishing and tieing for going on 15 years now, and still go at it like my first year on the water. With an envy. Tieng and fishing are my passions, and I hope to pass them both on to my children. Thanks for the space to introduce myself and I look forward to a Fly Fishing BB. Tight lines and good smokes to all!!!
  5. Something so simple, yet never thought of by me. Very good tip.
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