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  1. Steve, your responses as an admin and contributor were spot on and appreciated. When I see something for sale/trade here I know it will not be spam. Your work to keep it this way is appreciated. I was not aware how much you had to deal with on a daily basis. Thank you!
  2. While the cold and lack of sunlight is part of my Norsk/Celtic heritage, I prefer the warmth of the sun. No wonder the Vikings "vacationed" in what is now Italy. ;>)
  3. Been tying the reaper as well along with foamtail superworms. I bought Pat Ehlers DVD and highly recommend it.
  4. Ross, I had trouble with the video link, but this one works. http://vimeo.com/53914270 - Charlie
  5. Welcome back. I loved the trailer, what a great way to help you through your loss. Where was it filmed because I would like to put that river on my list. - Charlie
  6. Whenever I go to my fly tying table my two Scottish Terriers are right there with me, and while I enjoy the company the first five minutes are spent opening baggies so they can sniff feathers and hairs. Even if I'm using synthetic material the ritual is the same. Anyone else have company when tying? If so, please share your experience. Charlie
  7. Since you are retired you may want to check with Social Security, I believe there is a limit on what you can earn without impacting your benefit. I believe this is also somehow tied to age too.
  8. On the cheap vs. mid priced vice, if you buy a more expensive vice and decide you don't like tying, you can resell it for little loss. With a kit vice you are out that cost because there is very limited resell market. I still have my kit vice because once I started tying I needed to upgrade, so I did not save anything. Charlie
  9. Good advice is only as good as the questions and when I picked up the sport several years ago I had many questions. Just learning the lingo was a challenge. Even if you haven't tied yet I like the idea of searching out a fly shop and sitting down with them trying out several vices and seeing what works for you. Personally I'd avoid the big box stores and get to know the folks at your local store. Also, ask lots of questions here, there is no shortage of very could advice. Charlie
  10. If you use PVC make sure you get all the residue and vapors out of the tube. I made one for a brand new St. Croix ultralight only to have the vapors in the tube destroy all the decals. The acetone attacked the decals. So you should clean it with dawn and water before you use it. Charlie
  11. Pat Ehlers grim reaper has a rattle and is supposed to imitate a crayfish. I have not yet tried one but will be tying some soon. Charlie
  12. Welcome, this is probably the best place for fly tying information. So feel free to ask questions, that is the best way to learn and stimulate discussion. Charlie
  13. Nicely done, as a grandpa, with number three due shortly, it bought a smile to my face... and I cleaned up my tying area. - Charlie
  14. Keeping your desk and chair at standard heights will probably be the most comfortable because that is what your body is use to. For the vise, see if you can find ways to make the height adjustable. If using a base, blocks of wood covered with nonslip material works well and provides a solid nonslip surface to raise the vice. Charlie
  15. Do you need it, probably not. Would it be nice to have, probably. Just go with what you want to do and are comfortable with. In the end, that is all that matters.
  16. The second edition of The Art of Tying the Bass Fly by Skip Morris arrived today and I can't wait to start using it. Looks very well done! Charlie
  17. Happy birthday and thanks for all you do for this list.
  18. Hi Bigfoot, Just a note to let you know that the updated edition of Skip's book, "The Art of Tying the Bass Fly" should be available from the publisher any day now (it was published through Frank Amato Publications). We got a preview copy, and they told us it was on its way last week, so I suspect it is available now. I think it went down on the list price about $5.00 (it was $29.95, I believe they're listing it for $24.95). Hope that helps you out; just thought I'd let you know since it was released earlier than expected... Hope you have a wonderful holiday... best wishes, Carol Ann Morris I was able to order a copy directly from the publisher's website. Looking forward to an early Christmas. - Charlie
  19. I second this, I picked up a demo Echo Ion this fall for $100. At that price I couldn't go wrong.
  20. I have an Echo 4wt and 7 wt and for the price point they are hard to beat. Charlie
  21. I put mine down and pick them up, probably because I'm not as coordinated as most But does it really matter? Go with what works for you. - Charlie
  22. I think I'll join you as scum... My wife makes jewlery and I usually turn several fountain pens to sell at her craft show table. Unfortunately, so many people make pens that even though mine are high quality I loose sales to the poor quality cheaply made ones. I'll do some earing sets to justify my being at a craft sale, if they don't sell I'll turn them into flies...thanks for the idea.
  23. Last year I hired a guide, whom I learned about from a forum member, for the Big Thompson at Estes Park and he was great! I took my wife's two adult sons out and asked the guide to spend more time with them... they had a great time and I didn't. I've only been at this a few years. But I was happy for them and the amount of time he spent with them, and they had never fly fished before. Like anything in life a good recommendation is worth a lot. Just having someone who fly fishes "guide" in my book is not a guide. A guide not only knows the area, but teaches, and their one goal is for their clients to catch fish. The previous year I lucked out and had one of the shop owners as a guide because his employee was hungover and never showed up... he got so excited with every strike and his enthusiasm was contageous. I will definately do my research before hiring a "guide" it is worth the effort. - Charlie
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