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  1. SmallieHunter: Please have a look at your PM's. I sent you one last week. Thanks!
  2. I would like to order 1 large in Dark Chocolate. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to west coast steelhead fishing, specifically British Columbia. I have never fished for Steelhead before but will try in the upcoming months. I've looked through the plethora of flies on this database and don't know where to start. Could I please ask your advice on list of top flies to tie and fish? I'm on Vancouver Island so most of my efforts will be on the waterways here. I may do a trip north but as yet this is unknown. Thanks a bunch!
  4. I'm just about to move into my new home and am deciding where to set up the tying desk. Either in my office or in my shop. Either way I'm thinking about making an apothecary chest for organizing my materials. Another good option would be shopping for an antique unit.
  5. Inspirational set up! I'm just getting ready to move into my new house (end of Feb). Your set up is giving me some great ideas!
  6. Hi FTF, I started fly fishing 20 years ago but haven't been active for about 15 years. I've just moved back to Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia and the opportunities have me excited. My wife gave me some fly tying materials for Steelhead in my Christmas stocking so I'm getting my head around this again. Hope to learn lots. Cheers!
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