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  1. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by FWP: cranefly
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by FWP: yellow sallie
  3. Our first one will be The Bloody Lake Rendezvous in Southwest Wisconsin, Lafayette County near the Town of Woodford. Event begins the Tuesday before the first Saturday of May and is put on by The Yellowstone Flint and Cap Club. I have attended for the last 15 years and it is a top notch event.
  4. The time of year is approaching when people active in the recreation of the spring gathering of fur trappers is about to begin. I have found these to be events to be great for the buying of fly tying materials for everything from beaver fur, coyote faces and even skunk at a very low price. Usually the trader will have scrap ends from making garments or whatever and sell the pieces for .25 or .50. The best pair of scissors that I own were made for me at a rendezvous by an iron worker and I believe I paid the whopping amount of $4. The first few days the public isn't usually allowed but eventually will be open to the public for sales. If you are fortunate enough to have one in your area check it out.
  5. Does anyone out there have any experience using the plastic ball strike indicator known as the Thingamabobber. I am skeptical about the claims made regarding no effect on the cast. I can see its' use for drifting steelhead holding areas but am skeptical on its use for inland stream trout. Any and all comments will be appreciated . Thank you.
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