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  1. Thank you all for the great input! I think I'm going to get a 4 inch general scissor and a cheap pair of craft scissors to cut the tuff stuff and see how that works. Anvil, Dr. Slick look like a good choice. A friend is steering me towards a surgical scissor from Miltex. I'll post my result soon.
  2. Hello, I have purchased a vise and my next acqusition are scissors. I plan to tie warm water patterns (smallmouth bass) and steelhead patterns. I rarely fish for trout so I don't plan on many dry flys. I prefer to buy a few very good tools than buying a whole lot of cheaper tools. My question is, how many and what type of scissors do I need to purchase?? Thanks for your help.
  3. I purchased a Dyna King Barracuda. Since I don't currently tie. the comment that I have "...no old habits to change" made a lot of sense. Also, a rotary vise locks if I don't feel like using that function. Again, thanks!! Dan
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. Regards, Dan
  5. Hello, This is my first post but I have learned alot reading other posts/replies already. I am purchasing my first vise. I fish for smallmouth bass in the summer and Michigan steelhead in the winter, so I use mostly streamers, wooly buggers, eggs, etc. I only occasionally fish for trout. My flies usually range from 4 to 14. I have narrowed the search to two vises, the Regal Medalian and the Dyna King Barracuda. The simplicity of the Regal is interesting but I wonder with the flies I tie, would I be better off with a true rotary. Since I do not yet tie flies, trying them would be of little value. I've had my hands on both and I'm impressed with the build quality of each. If you experienced folks out there can put yourself in my shoes, I'd really appreciate your input. Regards, Dan
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