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  1. I have three kids two boys 13 and 12 and a Daughter she is 5. The boys love to fish with my flies and seem to have an affinity for trying to catch squirrels, which keeps me in the fly tying business.java script:add_smilie("","smid_2") After work she greets me with hi Dad and Lets Tie a Fly i will try to post some of hers... she has developed one that she calls the Flying Buzzard... what a name she said "its not as pretty as an eagle" this is priceless...java script:add_smilie(":thumbup:","smid_33")
  2. thanks guys, I have a dynaking baracuda jr on the way got two set of jaws with it.... great forum thanks again
  3. how well do you like this vise? is it the ron abby signature vise? are all dyna king jaws interchangeable? thanks for the info
  4. ok what i meant was the wife said ok up to spending $250 so im thinking i should be able to get something pretty good, and if someone is looking at upgrading we migh both win...
  5. Any of you guys want to get rid of a good high end vise? im looking to trade up... what do you have thanks
  6. I am new to fly tying and using a kit vise. after viewing the norvise videos i am wondering why it is not more popular. it seems like a great idea. what are the pros and cons of this vise vs a dyna king, peak, or similar high end vise. I am trusting your honest imput since i will be purchasing a vise soon. just need to convince the better half... sure it will save money... thanks
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