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  1. Hey Scottie....Do you have a recipe for the top and bottom patterns? They all look great.


    Top pattern is just a craft fur tail with some chartreuse ice dub at the back and picked out then home made eyes tied in. A merkin style body of tan EP then some silli legs just tied in at dumbells and allowed to come over the body. As I'm targeting trigger fish I used a size four owner flyliner, but you could use your own preferred hook.


    The bottom fly is just a turneffe crab, here's a video

  2. Yeah, I was quite shocked when my mate sent me the picture, it looks much smaller, but he's taken it from quite far away and above which doesn't help. Also the fish is against my body not held out in front.

    I'd say it's a similarly proportioned fish to the first of piker's.

  3. DOF can be a nightmare with macro work because you so often have virtually none...

    best thing is to stop down to f16 or smaller aperture if you can-even if you have to push the ISO up a touch and move away from the subject slightly.

    This will give you more DOF and if you shoot RAW you;ll still get an acceptable final image after cropping to make the fly fill the frame.

  4. Nice looking ties. Are those craft foam bodied toads? Don't believe I have seen anything like that before. Have you ever flung them at a fish?


    the toads are foam, two sheets glue together to get the stripes then tied in figure of 8 style. Never used them, just saw a video on you tube ages ago and remembered it the other day

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