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  1. the wii is pure evil, it robs you of your life.... have you played wii bass fishing? i have and didnt leave the house for about two weeks
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    looking at a TFO jim teeny 9ft for a ten weight as a back up, has anyone tried them?
  3. that's an oreder eh! i dont miss doing that
  4. the_scotsman


    i dont post so often when the weather is nice either. Also my saltwater tying isnt very innovative or new. kinda just tie generic baitfish, clousers, candies gurglers etc.
  5. thanks for the info, i'll get my tying done over the holidays. i'll just need to keep all my j hook flies for other fishing.. oh well
  6. thanks for the info, i'll be using 10-12 weights with gelspun backing so hopefully i'll have enough on for them. I've nevr used a circle hook, are there any you'd recommend? It'll be the first time i'll have fished for a tuna. We get some dolphin, yellow tail, bass and small trevallies in the summer here but from what i hear the tuna is more powerful than any of them
  7. hi, looking for a bit of advice guys, i just discovered that there's a good skipjack tuna fishery over here in japan, I've got the flies and gear more or less down but I'm not sure about leaders, do i need a shock tippet or even wire? i'm thinking keep it simple and just go for a straight 20lb leader if possible.
  8. Well...it didn't...sank like a stone it's not really a booby, more of a mr softy or mouse damsel. like it though should be deadly banned in lots of UK waters because of irresponsible anglers leaving them static and deep hooking fish, effectively killing them. if you jkeep them moving you wont have any trouble with swallowed flies
  9. i dont think it matters, there are probably several flies called the sparkle minnow. it's near impossible to put copyright on a fly
  10. I am wondering the same thing. How did you do that? :bugeyes: yeah me too maybe tied on nylon then through the balsa? looks good
  11. reminiscent of bob popovics schoolie. I like it
  12. ostrithch in a loop? can you get a wire leader through the tube?
  13. do you put something on it to keep it slicked down when it's in the water? looks good
  14. a long rod actually works against you for pulling fish, the longer the rod the more leverage the fish has, the reel end is the fulcrum
  15. another vote for the congo hair, great stuff. the flash from FTD is great too. I have a paxk of stuff but I can't remeber it's name, it's got coloured nylon like opaque filaments mixed with flashabou, great for a more subtle flahs or as topping instead of peacock herl
  16. i've spoken to the korean guy from the first vid, as i was popping over for a couple of days and hoped to get some fishing done, it's mostly dries, caddis imitations etc he uses. really nice guy one of the few fly anglers there, it's the same as japan, loads of great fly fishing but no one does it
  17. get, on youtube and search carp fly, backstabber or headstand carp cyote works too. it's a bit like bonefishing but you can get closer to carp in my experience
  18. I'm have couple of mullet patterns that i'll stick on soon, i recently moved to japan and dont have tying stuff sorted out yet. they're quite a popular species in Britain until i sort out tying stuff think small unweighted shrimpy things, in the size 8-16 range. hope this helps marty
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