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  1. Classic tier Thank You for your response. I have tied flies in the past and actually just broke out the old cabinet where I kept all of my materials. Didnt know I had so much invested. I guess I am trying to find the body material of what they use and the Hackle color. I know I can do the rest. I bought 45.00 dollars worth already from a local shop but they still dont have an idea and I just cant seem to come up with the right look. I know there are several variations of this but looking for the easier one . Thanks again Buggeruser
  2. I am new to the sight and so far think its great. After a 7 year lay off of flyfishing i am finally getting back into it and was wondering if someone can help me with the materials needed to tye the Trick or Treat Woolly Bugger and the Nightmare. The Bugger is my favorite GOTO fly when things get tough. I would appreciate any help I could get. Thanks
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