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  1. David, I appreciate the info, thanks a bunch. I guess Im just not getting the set up right, so Ill give it a try and report back. Dave
  2. I appreciate all the info guys, thanks Old Flies, those are fine looking pics and VERY close to what Im talking about. This is a link to some flies I saw posted on the classic streamer site that are exactly what Im talking about. Ive been shooting for a long time, never on a high level mind you, but I know some tricks and Im not a beginner. However, I CANNOT figure out how to get these types of jet black backgrounds. Again, I appreciate the info, if anyone else has some secrets and wants to share them Im sure we'd all appreciate it. Dave http://www.classicflytying.com/index.php?s...hl=photographer
  3. Hello everyone. First time posting here, I had to create an account. I post on the classic site a little bit, but I read both sites often as they are all great. I am wondering if someone can help me out with my fly photography: I'm trying to get the background BLACK, like pitch black with the fly lit up well. I've seen it done but cannot figure out how to do it myself. Ive tried many different ways but I cant get it the way I'm hoping. Can someone point me in the right direction please. Thanks a lot, Dave
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