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  1. Do a google search on Beck's Super Bugger. I tie them in black, olive, tan and orange and have an absolute blast with that little fly. I typically tie it on a size 6 but go up to a size 4 and a larger set of eyes if I know that there will be current or deeper pools. I've caught smallies, trout and several species of panfish on it. Give it a try.

  2. I've made several orders from J Stockard and also from Bear's Den. My last order from JStockard never arrived and they were very good about refunding my money. Scott and his staff at THe Bear's Den are nice people and ship your material fast plus they will only charge you the actual postage cost so if you need a small order, you won't get hit with a $5.00 shipping charge.


    I've made a few orders from the guy at The Fly Tyers Dungeon too.

  3. I'm trying to tie some large streamers, with rabbit strips, and want to use a stinger hook to help with my short strikes. How's the best way to attach it to the rear of the rabbit strip? I've used 20 & 30 pound fireline to attach the stinger off of the main hook. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  4. I fish the smallmouth version and love the rod. I use one of my old 7/8 Redington RS2's and it balances just fine. I've thrown the largemouth too and think if you love throwing big flies, these rods are the cat's meow. I fish a number of small rivers where you don't have room for false-casts and these rods are made to pick up the line and shoot it.


    I told my fishing buddy that you could throw a small house cat with it!

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