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    Hoping the bass will like it. Its 4 sections...the tail is just trimmed to that shape and I coated it with a little Liquid Fusion with my fingers so it will keep its shape.
  2. PWB


    It may work....we'll see.
  3. Looks great! They'll eat it!
  4. PWB

    Some Baitfish

    Yep. Its laser dub.
  5. The tail is round rubber from a replacement skirt for a spinnerbait. I furled the tail and used a red sharpie on the tip of tail and legs. The rubber does have sparkly flakes in it.
  6. The stealth bomber is actually a diver. When retrieved it dives and wiggles. And they sure catch fish!
  7. Yeah I did very well with the yellow ones last summer. I tied up some bigger ones for bass and they did great.
  8. cold weather or warm, I haven't seen a stripper in NJ I'd want to catch LOL
  9. PWB


    mvendon,,,,,it does look very close to that !
  10. PWB


    I dont know for sure but I doubt that he tied it. Looks like about a size 6 hook.
  11. PWB


    Utyer,,,,,,thanks for that info. Now that you told me that I feel kind of stupid. I should have recognized that. LOL
  12. PWB


    I thought this might be interesting to some of you,,,,,,,if not , forgive me. I came across my grandfathers old tackle box the other day in my building.I have had it for years. Grandma gave it to me even years before grandpa passed away. He suffered years with Alzheimers. I just now sorted through it all and found a lot of cool things in it. OLD things. This one in particular I thought you may want to see. I have no idea who tied it or what year it was done. Old hopper.....body is made of cork.Some kind of cloth for wings. And I still aint sure what the legs/antennae are made of. There is some kind of varnish coating on the body.
  13. The sides and tail move with the slightest movement of the fly in the water. If tied properly, the front of the fly will "pop" and "spit" water. I love these flies. They are very productive. I have caught many bass and crappie and even some bluegills on these.
  14. Awesome,,,,,,,,,,as always!
  15. I often have bluegills try to take my bigger EP flies that I fish for crappie and bass so I decided why not make some their size. I may even try them on the skipjacks on the Ohio this spring. These are tied on a size 10 hook.
  16. Tied up a quick batch of mini hoppers/crickets this evening.Size 10 and 12. Looking forward to some bluegill action.
  17. PWB

    Swan family

    Angry swans, geese, and peacocks...........they all will come at ya....... and ya better get movin' on!!!!!
  18. agn54.....the flash I used is Kreinik brand holograghic flash.
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