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  1. Thanks Michael,there is a real good video on YouTube for tying this fly.I'm sure its better than what I would do. It is not a hard fly to tie. The video doesn't have the 'roid.....that's just something I added for fun. The fly is very productive! I used size 2 bass stinger style hook, brown ultra chenile for tail, natural grizzly zonker strips and brown 2mm foam sheet. Check the video out. It explains the tying very well.I have done different colors and sizes.Size 2 and 4 and the grizzly or black do best for me.
  2. This was easily my number one fly last year for LMB. I also was surprised at how many crappie I caught on these including a 15 1/2 incher. There is a lot of noise and motion in this fly. Not sure if the "hemorroid" helps to draw strikes or not.......lol.
  3. I like it a lot !!! Gonna tie some of those for sure! And nice video work!
  4. I've told my son numerous times........when in doubt, "big fish eat little fish".
  5. Restocking my boxes, I started with these. They brought a lot of bass and crappie to hand last year.
  6. I have seen that video like 4 times now.....I still haven't seen the fly. LOL
  7. PWB

    Blue Dragons

    What I have is a hollow mono braid tubing.
  8. PWB

    Blue Dragons

    Kirk , the package says.....ADULT DAMSEL BODY BLUE . It is sold by Hareline Dubbin Inc. I have it in blue, tan, and green. I picked them up a couple years ago at Gander Mountain. It's single piece you cut to length you want.
  9. PWB

    Blue Dragons

    Yes Mike i have caught many bass and bluegills on these. They will take on water after a while and sink some but I often will coat the foam with a coating of Softex using a toothpick or bodkin and that seals the foam somewhat so they will float quite a bit longer. I do the same thing to some other patterns such as the STP Frog. Most of the dragons around the two ponds I fish most are blue ones but I have had good success with yellow in this pattern with a tan tail. Never have seen a live one like that but hey......if the bass will hit it I will tie it that way. LOL
  10. PWB


    Yes Stippled Popper has it right. Its really easy to do .
  11. PWB


    They are not threaded on the hook. Hard to explain but if you watch the you tube video you will see. It's not hard to do. The video is well done.
  12. PWB


    Yeah.....those squishy balls are $2.00 at the dollar general store. There is an excellent video on this tie on Youtube. Its called Wee Willie Wiggler.
  13. PWB


    Tied up a batch of these last week and gave them a try this past weekend......wow! Killed the bass and bluegills in my favorite pond. Tied a few different colors but this one and the hot pink/black ones were the best. Give these a try!
  14. One day a couple years ago I was catching bluegills on a Royal Coachman and it was sipped off the the surface by a nice carp. Finally landed the 8 pound beauty! Fun stuff!!!!
  15. Same thing happened to me on the bass page.
  16. Thanks guys. Can't wait to get them on the water and try them out. Im ready for some bass'in.
  17. Some poppers I,ve done recently.[attachment=33438:IMG_1758.JPG][attachment=33443:IMG_1786.JPG]
  18. Its on a size 4 hook. They do take some effort to cast and distance is limited but not too bad and when you hook up its worth it.
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