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  1. Bruce, just looked at the flies you added today........beautiful work!!!!!!
  2. Sure did. Came out of the water once and at that point I figured it was over but luckily it stayed hooked. It was a blast on that light rod!
  3. Caught this one this evening on a 3 wt. With a green and yellow deer hair diver I tied.
  4. PWB


    Better make some more of those cause I got a feeling the bass are gonna love em!!!!! They look great!!!!!
  5. Great job! Those look really good.
  6. I love fishing farm ponds with my 3wt. When you get in to hand size or better bluegills and the 10 to 15 inch bass its just a blast. Its about the most fun you can have fishing . Got into a mess of big 'gills on beds this weekend......they seem to all have attitudes when you're using a 3wt.
  7. Sorry the pics are so big. I'll have to figure out how to resize them.
  8. How much fun can you LEGALLY have with a 3 wt. and a popper? I may have exceeded the limit this morning!!!! LOL The 'gills were murder on my popper though after a while but it was well worth it. I'll make more.
  9. PWB

    Cajun Tickler

    Nice bass and a great looking fly! I will be doing some soon. Small ones should be killer on the 'gills.
  10. PWB

    STP frogs

    You are right about that! but I will say the bass didnt seem to mind too much. when the legs on one side would get hooked the frog spiraled a bit when I stripped line but the bass hit it anyway. Im going to do some up with larvae lace next and use the small cutter and use them on my 3wt rod. should be fun!
  11. PWB

    STP frogs

    Sometimes twiched like a popper, but had more hits when stripping. that stop and go drove them nuts, almost always hit when it was moving. They really did me well last year in ponds. I even had bass explode on them a few times as soon as it hit the water. Gets the old heart a pumping!!!
  12. PWB

    STP frogs

    Yes the cutters are the way to go. Makes it a whole lot easier.
  13. Thanks everybody! And no Henry not yet. The rain here has been awful. Planning to get out this weekend though!
  14. PWB

    STP frogs

    Camera date is wrong.....sorry. But these guys really did well for me last year on pond bass!!!!!
  15. [atta c hment=29847:S1050644.JPG][] I see the date on this camera is a little behind!
  16. PWB

    Balsa Popper

    Henry, I just shape the bodies by hand with sandpaper then to cup out the face I spin a small sanding stone made for a dremel between my thumb and finger. Use drill bits to paint the eyes. The base color and the gloss coats were actually put on with a toothpick. Not a fancy method but it works .
  17. I used to get that magazine. It was called Warmwater Flyfishing. A great magazine and I miss it. I still have a few old issues of it in my stack of magazines. The issue dates are late 90's.
  18. I have an eight year old son who is obsessed with fish, fishing, and flies. To him ALL of poppa's flies are masterpieces! (even though I know better). He takes all my surplus and even some of my best. I actually have to tie myself some without him knowing that I'm tying if I want some for myself! As a father of older children I know I wont always be the GREATEST at everything like he thinks I am now, so I'll take advantage of it while I can. I gladly give him all the flies I can, plus it gives me an excuse to tie more! If I can keep him into fishing and hunting for life, it will be more than worth it!!! My wife and I adopted our son when he was six and he isn't even considered our adopted son,,,,,,,he is our son. I hope to have a fishing buddy for life now!
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