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  1. flies will go out this weekend
  2. i have been waiting for 10 days still haven't gotten an address. is this swap still going. when is the due date. if its still the 8th the flies need to get in the mail
  3. flies are done need address. let me know how many u need me to send.
  4. I'm tying up some brown and orange clousers.
  5. Sorry it took so long but the flies are done. Need address please and I will send them out this week. thanks
  6. I'll send some renegade nymphs out later in the week. They have worked well for me this year.
  7. received some nice flies today, thank's everybody
  8. if there is still room, I'm in with a cajun coachman
  9. I'll tie a royal coachman bucktail
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