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  1. in no order a river runs through it jeramiah johnson red dawn saving private ryan deliverance
  2. im just wondering what kind of music we all listen to, i love hank jr., hell ya, POD, and rhett akins
  3. any body know any good ties with a racoon tail?
  4. What i mean is when i tye them they stick straight up :wallbash:
  5. I konw its a dumb question but how do you get your rubber legs to hang instead of going every direction when you wrap them to the shank of the hook? :wallbash:
  6. Where are you at in ohio??? im from coshocton ohio
  7. i need some crappie killers for spring crappies
  8. thanks i fish for smallies alot and i will tie it to night
  9. Hi my name is joel sarchet and i am 15 and i just started to tie and need to know how to tie a crawdad with a squirrel tail
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