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  1. Savannah eh? I am on the other side of Fort Stewart myself(Long county) There is a wealth of knowledge to be found on here. Also hit up Bass Pro there in Savannah as well. An older gent works in the Fly shop and he is also very knowledgable.
  2. I have a lot of hobbies. Fishing, boating and tying. Dove and duck hunting along with camping(RV and tent) I do a little trapping on the side as well. The camper lets me stay out in the woods longer, momma and the kid are comfortable so I get to stay longer...lol.
  3. Hope everyone had a safe one!! The fools were out in force yesterday on the river.
  4. Personally, I would just go with the wooly bugger or worm. Let them tie up 2 of them just so they can see a bit of difference. I don't think 50 minutes is enough time to start them out and get 2 patterns tied up.
  5. It's just a slang term for them or what locals call them. Bowfins are called dogfish, grindles and cypress trout by a lot of the old timers. Same thing goes for bass, some folks call them green trout.
  6. Looks good! Like most have said, let the fish decide.
  7. Definatly go with a 48 over a 36 especially with the boys. It is a lot more stable for fishing out of. Rowing will be a pain though.
  8. I am thinking of ordering some as well. Best prices I have seen so far.
  9. Maybe instead of Grass.... maybe you have Chain Pikerels. We have them up here in Georgia.
  10. Here's a few, the crappie were caught in Kentucky and the rest were from Georgia.
  11. Just shows you how stupid some of these hollywierd types are. By the way.... this post made my morning....lol
  12. Looks like you still had some fun. The pier can get crowded really quick. The black-tip bite is really picking up. An old Army bud of mine took me out on a charter this past week and we caught quite a few small ones. If you are really serious about hitting the salt down here, best times are September thru November. Flounder and trout will be running hard then.
  13. The fishing pier is between 15th and 16th street. You could also rent a kayak and make a trip out to the little island and chase some on the fly.
  14. Dark water usually means we throw darker colored flies. There is a lot of water around us that is tannic from all the cypress and tupelo trees. The fish will even be a darker color as well. Muddy or stained water is where we go with lighter colors. Here its black, brown or olive that seems to produce the best.
  15. Streamer pattern to match the baitfish in your area. You can't go wrong with a wooly bugger!!!!!
  16. X2, teak is extremely expensive. Looks good to me
  17. I sure wish that I could walk into a fly shop around here and just pick up what I needed to tie up certain patterns, but all I have is Bass Pro in Savannah. So most of my purchases are made online. Not too many fly shops in Southern Georgia!!! :bugeyes: No biggy though, I envy those of ya'll that have places nearby!
  18. Here is what I have that I had saved a while back. DIA. HOOK SIZE 1/16 18,20,22 5/64 16,18,20 3/32 14,16,18 7/64 12,14,16 1/8 10,12,14 5/32 8,10,12 3/16 6,8,10 Hope this helps you out. Have fun
  19. Nice, I like the blue on that one.
  20. Well we do like to throw some dries and poppers, but like deeky said about 95% of it is subsurface.
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