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  1. Thkss guys I did, I share the video soon
  2. EZ Lure Step by Step
  3. PM say "The member SmallieHunter cannot receive any new messages"
  4. Water Boatman Corixidae http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK3LQt_qUC0&feature=g-upl
  5. Great !!! 1 - The original "flytyingforum.com" / Dark Chocolate 1 - FTF MLB Shirt 1 - Hatches Magazine All in size Large $48 total, accept paypal ???
  6. A crazy idea Step by Step http://vimeo.com/41012967
  7. Step by Step Here: http://youtu.be/CXvJot42UO0
  8. My version Semi Realistic Stonefly Hook: Partridge Hook 15BNX Nymph Body Stretch Yellow Gill: Ostrich Under Body: Dubbing. Legs and Antennae: Pheasant Wingcase: Oak Mottled Turkey
  9. Flies are in the mail!!!!
  10. No hurrys on my part. Where were Meraz's flies coming from? some where in Mexico I believe. Mexico City
  11. sorry guys, is out of my hands...
  12. the next time you send will be for UPS or DHL
  13. have news of my ants
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