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  1. I got mine yesterday also. This is by far one of the nicest sets of Gill flies I've gotten in a swap. Thanks for hosting BB and thanks everyone for a great set of flies.
  2. Glad they made it. Sorry again for the delay I couldn't believe that I still had them here. Must be getting old LOL.
  3. OK I feel like a dolt. Mine have been tied for a month and I just realized that I never mailed them. I will drop them off in the mailbox tomorrow so they go out first thing monday or tuesday whichever day the post office opens back up. Sorry for the delay, they should make it in time though.
  4. All finished with the yellow with brown hackles. Addy please
  5. I think I'm going to do brown hackle oranges,or brown hackle yellows , but may do marabou damsels haven't decided yet.
  6. Received mine today nice ties everyone and thank you to our sm
  7. ive received all flies except from fisheye don Sorry for some reason I had thought the due date had passed. Senior moment sorry about that
  8. Sorry for the delay in shipping I packed these up weeks ago a forgot to mail them. They will go out in the next couple of days.
  9. addy please, I did a top water steroid ant size 10
  10. I am glad that sets are starting to show up. Hope everyone enjoys.
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