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  1. Hi, I would do one of two things: Cut some rabbit fur (or any kind of fur) close to the hide and put it in the blender. Some wet it first, but I don't. I use a coffee grinder. Not sure what a "kitchen blender" would do, but probably the same thing. Or, cut some of your favorite yarn in pieces about 1/2 inch long. Put the pieces in the blender and run it a short time. Check to see if it fluffs out good for you. If not, try a few more bursts. Hope it works for you
  2. My favorite brand of hooks for tying is Gamaktsu. What is yours???
  3. I'm sure everyone appreciates your information. The Baracuda is a nice vise. I have the big Sidewinder by Dyna King. One of the best vises ever made.
  4. Thanks guys. Appreciate the information and your continuing support.
  5. Wonder if someone can inform me what "moved" means on a post? Thanks,
  6. Seems unfortunate that so many views occur and yet so few posts. Everyone has something to add to the posts.
  7. My Law is almost as enjoyable as a piece of sculpture as is is a tying vise. It is the smoothest vise I have ever used.
  8. I think you have to order one directly from Lawrence Waldron directly.
  9. Hi, Am wondering if anyone else has a Law vise and how much they like theirs. Thanks, Byron
  10. I must say that I still don't understand why a person would want midge jaws if he is tying no smaller than a size 6 or 8. Midge jaws would seem best for flies smaller than 14 actually. How about clarifying??
  11. Hi, I have seen and used some of the fly tying videos which are available on-line. Where can I find more of them?? Thanks
  12. Is there a way to adjust the vise so that it is true rotary for any size hook?
  13. Have all of you seen Hans' web site. He takes the best photos of flies that I have seen. I may have miss-spelled his name. The web site is shown below: http://www.danica.com/flytier/
  14. Here are 4 of my best producing flies: Blue winged Olive Elk Hair Caddis Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Nymph What are your "go to" flies?????
  15. Hi, Trying to get a feel for the ubiquity of the ipod in our lives. After "viewing" this post, please post your answer as to whether or not you listen to an ipod while tying: Never, sometimes, often, almost all the time, or all the time. Thanks
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