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  1. Thats awesome and good sized too, I have a smaller one i use all the time.
  2. Sorry to hear that, i would imagine that he would make good on it. Any legit company would. Have you tried calling during business hours.
  3. I have looked into the cae myself, Was going to check out the. Shop as its not far from my inlaws in Wigan Uk. Looks to be a fine product. If i add another vise it may be that.
  4. I save all sorts of stuff, much does not get used. But having the right part at the right time is priceless. Good job Landon!
  5. I am not tying with this stuff, Very slick and fine. But it was worth a laugh.
  6. Combination of bichon frise and yorkshire terrier.
  7. Looks like a productive pattern. I tied a bunch of the crystal schminnows up for my florida trip that was cancelled by the pandemic. Going to try them on schoolie stripers instead. But i suspect breem and bass will crush them too depending on the size.
  8. Makes sense to me, Keep frans dubbing as an example for when you begin to dye your own.
  9. Thats awesome, long ride but may be fun
  10. S-boi what is the dubbing material on the bomber?
  11. Does collins have larger hackle or are they focused primarily on trout sized feathers? I do mostly warm water and salt
  12. Had an osprey fly over me monday while searching for salt run trout, they usually arrive about the same time as the schoolie stripers. It was 70 the other day, today 40 and snowing. Tomorrow is going to be 60, so im heading out looking for early stripers.
  13. Whats the tailing on the bombers? Looks deadly? And s-boi did you order the tailing fibers from collins too? I hear they are a great deal.
  14. great work poopdeck, here is the gate up and in place finally. And just in time for a possible may snow storm.
  15. petelangevin

    Corn Bread

    I use that cornmeal too, i have 8-9-10 skillets that i use, but occasionally i use a cast iron muffin pan for single serve sizes. Preheating is a must. I put bacon fat in to season too (sorry american heart association). My only need as i am a northerner is i make it on the sweet side. Love corn bread!
  16. Not bad for a telephone repairman!
  17. Are you a boomer flat rock? Me i’m gen X
  18. Much better with a coat of paint. Just primer for now.
  19. Love the ghost and foam hopper, put in a list of materials, hook etc so everyone can make them too.
  20. petelangevin

    My new rod

    That is a great color, go catch some big ones James!
  21. If i did drys id invest. I have some hackles from kolsch hackle farm i got in a box from ebay. Mainly for the soft hackle and pheasant skin that was in the box. I have not done much trout fishing over the last 20+ years.
  22. Did the commercial grade necks come with their saddles too?
  23. I’ve been cooped up since late February when i was hospitalized for pneumonia (md now thinks i was one of the earliest corona cases in the area but never was tested). The mrs is being protective as she is in health care and does not want me ill again. I had to get outside and do something productive. I feel stronger but still not myself. My daughter is going to paint it and we will put it up this weekend. I just took my time and i am pleased with it so far. be safe everyone.
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