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  1. I have a magnum stainless saltwater that i use 210 danvilles on alot, never seen anything like that before. Could have been a defect. Rite will take care of you.
  2. I bought it in a group of reels off craigslist. Was going to use it because it is a big reel but decided against it when i read about scarcity of parts.
  3. Its a big old Langley Rifle and parts are scarce so im not going to fish it, but its too nice to be hidden in a drawer. Would you throw it on a old glass or bamboo rod?
  4. Mine looks like that regardless of the season. I see no problems. Good luck with the moose hunt
  5. There are a bunch of female fly tiers on facebook, one does rangely style streamers by hand much like Carrie Stevens who may have been the finest tier of streamers ever. Most women who tie don’t normally come to forums like this. Its mostly fly nerds like us.
  6. Love the generosity and willingness to teach in this forum. Its a great way to keep this sport going. Great feathers and I can’t wait to see what you tie up.
  7. What yarns is he using, are these still available?
  8. I have a book in my library that has a pattern made from a coffee bean. Glued to hook and painted. Pretty much anything is fair game! Good luck with it
  9. Pete that is awesome, i love older designs. A lot of thought went into that one.
  10. Heirloom quality right there, someday your grand kids will say this was made by their great grandfather. Nice work indeed.
  11. Those minnows color up good with sharpies! I like those in white. I keep black/blue/green and red sharpies with me. Doctor up as needed. Those crabs are awesome as well. Very clean work.
  12. If your worried sci angler 6wt set ups can be had cheap used they work great for larger hooks. They also work great for a large variety of hook sizes. I found mine at a “junque shop” for 18$. Half hour of cleaning and new tippet, voila a great little rod. Like mike said get them to the boat and let em go or take them home.
  13. Kind of looks like a boatman insect. Would be very effective in new england.
  14. Try some foam flying ants in a variety of sizes and colors. Tossed under trees or just off the bank they are effective for more than just trout. They can be altered for color to cover a variety of flying insects as well all of whom often fall into the water. Zebra midge is one of the most common patterns for still water and small stream fishing here in mass. there are some simple one feather dragonfly and damsel nymph patterns that are super effective. keep on tying, your skills will improve thru repetition and difficult techniques will become easier over time. Keep it fun.
  15. I met Jack Gartside at a show after watching him tie for hours, i was able to take a day long class at his home in winthrop before he became really ill. He changed the way i look at flies and emphasized more focus on keeping things neat and simple. Sometimes simple flies tied out of unusual materials will catch fish when nothing else will. Bob Clouser and Bob Pop, Lefty Kreh all for obvious reasons. Today it has to be Tim Flagler as he ties lots of different patterns and explains every step and keeps you focused. there are so many great tyers out there especially on youtube that i find new ones all the time. I am just regaining interest in trout fishing and will be tying more over the winter. Hans W, has to be one of the finest tyers of trout flies every one i see is almost too nice to fish. Davie McPhail once you understand his accent i find his videos informative. Mcfly angler posts great videos. Jim Misuria has great teaching videos as well.
  16. Perfect for bass bugs and poppers!
  17. I have 2 extra spools but no reel, mine was damaged and lost over several moves. Reel is nearly identical in size to a pflueger 1498/1598. spools are in good condition. Make me a trade offer and Im sure we can get a deal done. pics are reference my spools are nicer than the pic.
  18. I have that vise too, i rescued it from a box of junk when my brother moved out of my parents. Right now its holding empty norvise spools . Take care of that, in that condition its a rare find. Box will look good displayed above your tying desk.
  19. I use an old computer armoire i am going to get some shelf liner and cover the wooden surface.
  20. Ilike the light colored counter you have, Mine is dark and i lose track of stuff all the time. if i had more than one vise i like the idea of swapping from time to time.
  21. I will let you know but my ticket has been expired for a long time. Would have to take tests again. Not sure i could pass them again.
  22. I let my license lapse, there was no one on locally and i was not operating hf. Thought about doing it again but not sure.
  23. Had to clarify, may look for one eventually.
  24. No its not that Its the twisted one below.
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