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  1. dustin try cutting one diagonally from corner to corner you can get a few longer strips this way.
  2. i have been looking for a black one, you can spin up a ton of dubbing brushes with a single coat.
  3. you are going to get a lot of opinions on this.. some good some bad.. but if you are already balking at price try one before you buy it.. never want buyers remorse.. especially when it can be avoided. take your time and try lots of vises before deciding.. heck i wanted a renzetti because i was told it was great.. when i tried it.. i found it awkward and constantly needing adjustment.. do your self a favor.. try as many vises as you can before you decide on anything.. you won't regret that.. btw.. i have a norvise.. i enjoy it.. does it do everything.. not yet for me as i am still learning how to tap its potential.. but i like it..
  4. and i came across 2 cones of danville flymaster one listed as 14 oz the other 20.7 oz. this is non waxed. how many spools do you think these will fill? i can't find much info but i know the normal spools are 100 yards.
  5. nice score.. if thats real polarbear you probably got several times your purchase price in value there.. also that hair stacker is a good one aswell.. that super hair goes for 2$ per bunch when new... so all in all you got a tremendous deal..
  6. as far as deer hide vs elk for caddis.. i think its mainly color... you can use hair from nearly that whole hide.. spinning deer hair is fun when you learn. packing deer hair is an art.. watch youtube for a ton of video... you can learn a lot there... fly fishing in maine can be lots of fun... i fish the coast.. and occasionaly a few rivers.. welcome to the forum..
  7. check this bag out.. saw it on craigslist.. has wheels and a handle.. you might be able to get it for a decent price.. http://boston.craigslist.org/sob/art/2191406968.html worth a try..
  8. I have 3 ott lites. And they are all great. Best of luck and that's a great price.
  9. Wow. I may have to try to replicate those racks in my computer armoire that's being converted into my tying station
  10. I am almost certain it was fly tyer. From the fall or winter.
  11. The bass and stripers will love it. I really like those new heads.
  12. There was a thread in the tying bench forum. You could try to find a used electronic toolbox. Or perhaps one of the plastic tool boxes from h depot or lowes. They have handles and wheels. My buddy used one for his tackle box. Why not a tying tool box?
  13. Matarelli whip finisher if you use one. And a good hair stacker.
  14. Thinned goop much like softex is brutal on the lungs. Anything thinned with toluene is not for indoor use in my honest opinion. Nasty stuff.
  15. if its a regal they would have repaired that spring for you.. they stand by their product.. did you ever contact them?
  16. yes they do.. a 60 and 120 spool rack.. both look decent.. saw the same racks on ebay for lower money.. lots of options.. type thread rack..
  17. That is "Polar Chenille" widely available in a few sizes and many colors. I've used it for several years. it was different not glossy. more like a fine yarn
  18. in the un named european magazine they had a straggle fritz that was fine and when you palmered it resembled hackle, really cool stuff.
  19. i love the rare earth magnet idea. i am going to have stock up on those. great idea
  20. Thank you. I read the rules and will wait until I am able to post. Thanks again.
  21. don't forget gurglers too... super easy to tie.. and catch all sorts of fish... http://www.jackgartside.com/step_double_gurgler.htm http://www.jackgartside.com/step_baby_bunker_gurgler.htm http://www.jackgartside.com/art_fishing_gurglers.htm jack was amazing with foam patterns.. they are adaptable to everything from panfish to tarpon.. fresh, salt.. you can always work foam in..
  22. just curious what bobbins are being used on a regular basis.. please feel free to vote for more than one.. and if i left any off the list tell the brand.. i am using 4 norvise autobobbins, a renzetti, a matarelli, 2 rite (ceramic and magnum). a s&m , and i have several knockoffs..
  23. if you are going to do alot of these.. you can get a 3600 ft spool on ebay for 17.00 plus shipping.. thats a lot of brushes..
  24. i was told to try electronic places or shops that repair electric motors. you can get away with 32 to 36 ga wire. many times you can find this wire on ebay listed as magnet wire. 0.0063 diameter. it comes plain or coated to prevent corosion.
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