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  1. Not bad for a telephone repairman!
  2. Are you a boomer flat rock? Me i’m gen X
  3. Much better with a coat of paint. Just primer for now.
  4. Love the ghost and foam hopper, put in a list of materials, hook etc so everyone can make them too.
  5. petelangevin

    My new rod

    That is a great color, go catch some big ones James!
  6. If i did drys id invest. I have some hackles from kolsch hackle farm i got in a box from ebay. Mainly for the soft hackle and pheasant skin that was in the box. I have not done much trout fishing over the last 20+ years.
  7. Did the commercial grade necks come with their saddles too?
  8. I’ve been cooped up since late February when i was hospitalized for pneumonia (md now thinks i was one of the earliest corona cases in the area but never was tested). The mrs is being protective as she is in health care and does not want me ill again. I had to get outside and do something productive. I feel stronger but still not myself. My daughter is going to paint it and we will put it up this weekend. I just took my time and i am pleased with it so far. be safe everyone.
  9. Mark back in the day it was to keep the kids in, now its 3 ankle biters. But the old gate was 20+ years old. This one with primer and paint should last at least 10 years.
  10. Not sure how it is where you are but here in metro boston we are under mandatory masks and all businesses except essential are closed until June perhaps later. What are you doing to stay busy. I just finished building and sanding a new gate for my mother in laws driveway. Disclaimer i am not a carpenter but i know how to use a tape measure and saw. She is getting this for mother’s day, Best part, it was all reclaimed wood saved by my late father in law. Going to prime it. Later on in week. Then paint. Its definitely solid. I am pleased so far.
  11. Following, and that TU article just got saved to my reference list. Great info there.
  12. Nice fish, and wet and cold describes our spring perfectly.
  13. 72 deg in boston today
  14. I am good. Its a reel i was configuring for a bass rod. I am really all set but ty for your generous offer. I was really just trying to get the reel usable.
  15. It may take a bit, i dont have a micrometer, Maybe after covid lockdown i can get to harbor freight to get one. I should have one anyway
  16. Hi mike, that makes sense, without the o ring i added it would spin and birdsnest. But now i can control how fast it spins. So its good enough for a back up or a panfish reel. I can palm the reel as well to slow it if need be.
  17. This is the unit that seized. The bearings were all seized to the outer cup, The previous owner did no real attempt at maintaining this reel.
  18. I dont think it will fit. This is the cheap pos that llbean was passing off as a fly reel. Looks workable but when its gone there is very little that can be done with it. Sad, llbean used to put out some good gear, granted it was always another companies just rebranded. Why bother with a bearing at all?
  19. Very cool bird, the rock ptarmigan has great patterns.
  20. Ptarmigan never seen them, used similar to grouse/pheasant?
  21. What do they look like?
  22. Llbean (sad that they don’t sell repair parts ) does not offer rebuild kits for base reels. A cheap oneway bearing got ruined by previous owner who never cleaned it after saltwater fishing. Its a cheap quest 3 pos reel but it will be ok for bass fishing. Pulled it all apart and only solution was a 3c o ring. Works in a pinch.
  23. The 850/950 are monsters, make great small tuna reels. You could see if someone will swap for a smaller reel. I had a 950 but ended up selling it as i could not justify keeping it.
  24. Amazing work! Anyone would be proud to carry one of those. Heirloom quality right there.
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