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  1. I bought my Matarelli back in 95, did not come with notch. One on flea bay like mine they wanted 80$ seems steep.
  2. Good idea for a site wide contest, A way to attract positive traffic to the site.
  3. I got one of his fly tyers boxes, tons and tons of great stuff. Its worth trying that material and if you really like it he will sell you bulk dubbing for a good price. I have not used enough of it to need another order, i love the enhanced kracken and the bull frog dubbings. Never mind congo hair, definitely plan on ordering more when i run low
  4. Be yourself, have fun and tie flies.
  5. Wings have great feathers but the rump has great marabou.
  6. My first wooly bugger in over 20 years. Not great but its a start.
  7. Ok i tied one. Not pretty but i had what i needed on hand.
  8. The pflueger is a 1494, The martins are 65’s. The royalist is a 370, The Langley Riffle is a 198. The auto is a fun little reel, i may find a glass rod to throw it on. I wanted the Langley the most as I thought it would balance out a glass rod that was made for me (my first rod) by an old friend. But its not big enough. I had a 1598rc pflueger on it and balances fine. (6wt glass rod). Really needs a heavier grip or a rod butt to keep it from being too front heavy
  9. I was under the impression (maybe mistakenly) that you wanted them to compress when stripped and then puff back out when paused like a soft hackle might.
  10. He said Tylenol because there has been evidence that ibuprofen (advil/motrin) actually has made the virus worse for some people and Tylenol (acetaminophen) breaks fevers, if you can keep your fever in check, it may make it easier on your body to ride out the virus.
  11. So the hackle palmered down the body does not matter much? Its been 20 years since i have tied buggers. Do you want some of it to be webby?
  12. I am confused, some people say american cape feathers, 4b rooster, or bugger packs. I want versitility, i have older feathers that are too stiff, Going to fish fresh this year so let me know what you all use/recommend.
  13. The rod ended up being a spinning rod, i might put the auto reel on it and hang it up on the wall in my tying room.
  14. Few of those are mid 80’s reels. Should be fishable. The southbend has silk line on it
  15. Was on a local page for ages, really only wanted 2 of them but all with some fresh grease and a good cleaning will be useable. Got an 8 ft garcia fly rod with a hard travel tube too.
  16. Both of those hopper patterns are awesome,
  17. I figured as much with the jungle cock
  18. Up here in Mass the Governor stated we need to all wear masks when outside, And parking in state beaches/parks has been banned. Limits the fishing access up here. Glad you are getting out.
  19. Jay is amazingly thorough so i expect a ton of detail as always. Definitely a read later article
  20. Flytire are you fishing that or is it for display?
  21. That epoxy smelt would be great trolled for landlock salmon and togue up in Maine
  22. Mark what is the finish on that glass minnow head. Really nice
  23. Love those worms, Trouts loves worms!
  24. Watching this as i need all the help i can get with dubbing loops. Wrist surgery is put off indefinitely due to covid19. My dexterity makes dubbing loops a challenge
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