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  1. Nice score, Those look better quality than craft store stoppers as well. Half of mine needed filling before being shaped. Very nice indeed.
  2. I use walmart worm hooks for poppers and deer hair buggers. Small stuff can be done on bait hooks. I have a ton of mustad hooks for salt that i bought years ago.
  3. I probably should have posted these here, waiting to get out and throw them at some hungry fish.
  4. Been on a popper kick, Its nice being behind the vise again.
  5. Ty for all the info, reel got sold out from under me, But its good info to now know.
  6. Says it on the web. On the sa website it says 2013.
  7. Is there a webpage that gives the changes in these reels over the years? I am trying to get an idea of age. Looking at a basically new old stock 8/9 reel and it says scientific angler as a division of 3M, i know now they are part of Orvis. Any ideas?
  8. Great bird, I see so many and almost no one hunts for them up in my area. Lots of great feathers on him.
  9. I’ve gotten to the point if they don’t fit around the bend of a hook i take a dremel tool and bore them out with a drill bit until they fit. Granted i dont tie much for trout but i use whatever looks close at this point. My closest lfs is 45 min to an hour away.
  10. I know i am going to jinx myself but i have not lost a rod, but surf fishing up in Mass i had two buddies both lose rods in the same night. We were fishing a night tide from shore, within 15 min two rods were towed out to sea. After that we all bought better sand spikes and put bells on For night fishing.
  11. Thats an awesome early norvise! I had a thompson a, now i am looking for a universal no 1, i love old tools and gadgets. But won’t give up my cam jaw Norvise.
  12. Thanks Flytyer, I carved up those bodies several years ago and just got around to finishing them up. They should be a lot of fun to fish.
  13. Nothing but poppers from me lately, my dexterity issues prevent me from doing anything that requires fine detail work. Plus the fish that will hit these aren’t too fussy.
  14. I’ve always wanted to take a road trip there. How is his shop?
  15. i guess its called a knob shaft (trying not to laugh). But that makes complete sense
  16. Great suggestion, i have a buddy at work who makes pens, I am sure he could spin me up something, Anyone know what that insert that is slotted on one end for a screw driver and has a female thread on the opposite is called? Could be in those parts bins at the big orange home improvement store.
  17. Its a cheap old martin classic mc56. I am tempted to order a power handle off ebay and make it work. Removing the old is easy., Martin classics were notorious for poor handle rivets . What can i say i’m cheap.
  18. Mass fresh water is 27.50$. Salt is another 10$. I get a maine salt every year but its 1$, Their out of state is 60ish, i believe but I dont fw fish up there.
  19. Has anyone here done it themselves? I have a nice little martin classic which is in good shape but needs a new crank handle. Reel has a strong clicker and is not really beat up. Has anyone bought a kit from mikesreelrepair up in canada? Or is anyone in the states selling anything similar? Hate to toss the reel in the junk drawer.
  20. He basically lists the same stuff on all 3 seller accts
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