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  1. Thanks Flytyer, I carved up those bodies several years ago and just got around to finishing them up. They should be a lot of fun to fish.
  2. Nothing but poppers from me lately, my dexterity issues prevent me from doing anything that requires fine detail work. Plus the fish that will hit these aren’t too fussy.
  3. i guess its called a knob shaft (trying not to laugh). But that makes complete sense
  4. Great suggestion, i have a buddy at work who makes pens, I am sure he could spin me up something, Anyone know what that insert that is slotted on one end for a screw driver and has a female thread on the opposite is called? Could be in those parts bins at the big orange home improvement store.
  5. Its a cheap old martin classic mc56. I am tempted to order a power handle off ebay and make it work. Removing the old is easy., Martin classics were notorious for poor handle rivets . What can i say i’m cheap.
  6. Mass fresh water is 27.50$. Salt is another 10$. I get a maine salt every year but its 1$, Their out of state is 60ish, i believe but I dont fw fish up there.
  7. Has anyone here done it themselves? I have a nice little martin classic which is in good shape but needs a new crank handle. Reel has a strong clicker and is not really beat up. Has anyone bought a kit from mikesreelrepair up in canada? Or is anyone in the states selling anything similar? Hate to toss the reel in the junk drawer.
  8. He basically lists the same stuff on all 3 seller accts
  9. the guy is flytyingoutlet most of his auctions start at 19.99. Shipping included, just a small handling fee probably to cover packaging. I suspect i will buy another depending on the colors included. Its definitely worth the 20$
  10. Under the old format you used to be able to see what the new post were by clicking on one thing, now you need to view each sub forum to view them. Any way to put this in?
  11. Mike i was going to order one of those Whiting variety packs just to see what came with it. Can’t find any local, i am mainly tying warm water now with a little salt mixed in. My Florida trip was cancelled this year due to health reasons and now i am tying for bass and panfish.
  12. That is a great website, A testament to his skill as a tyer! One of my favorites.
  13. It has some small neck hackle too, i really can’t complain for 20$. I should be tying up poppers and other stuff for quite a while. I am happy.
  14. Was quite impressed for the price. I had to tie up a popper that was just hanging around unfinished for at least 5 years.
  15. I have collected squirrel tails but not anything else, i never really hunted. Now i live in the city so collecting anything more than squirrels are out of the question.
  16. I have a norvise as my primary but would love the old school original rotary. Thanks to all who replied, my search will keep going.
  17. Saw a guy on YouTube who restores them, would love to add one to my collection, none on the auction site. Whats the going rate for one now?
  18. Great job Mark! I have been laid up with the flu and pneumonia so i have not been back to buy my supply yet.
  19. Nice use of what otherwise would end up in the trash. Frugality is a good thing especially with cdc as its not cheap. I have never tied with cdc as i dont dry fly fish often.
  20. I bought an early hmh kit and acquired a ton of tube materials. Never really got into fishing with them, it was yet another wasted investment on my part.
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